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  1. lags

    Pearl Perch

    I will not be fishing that far south. I have normally fished near Coffs and don't get much further south than Bundagen or north than the Light. That is about my limit with fuel I can carry. I did lived there about 35 years ago but no longer have any marks. Do you fish at Coffs itself?
  2. lags

    Pearl Perch

    sorry about that
  3. lags

    Pearl Perch

    I am going to Coffs Harbour in September. Can anyone help me with any areas or better still some marks to catch Pearl Perch. I would like to try to catch them on plastics and jigs. Thanks
  4. We have been getting a few. Not big numbers yet but snapper on most trips. Best for numbers is 4 fish one morning with 3 over 7lb and another around 4lb. We will keep at it and hopefully get among the numbers and bigger fish. Last trip with only one snapper is the leanest day we have had for a while We have been dropping some good fish so hopefully it will only be a matter of time. Dave
  5. Hi Dave It was a shame I didn't know you were at the Bay. I went down for a day trip down south with Grant. The conditions were sloppy and uncomfortable with the drift north at time east at others before turning west. We caught only 1 small snapper but collected a much bigger roo on the trip down. I would have gone to see Dave today but my insurance dictates who can do my repairs. It would have been good to meet and say hello. Dave
  6. Hi Roosters There are many good spots on the south coast. Bermagui is a great game fishing base. It is used by boats to access Montague Island and the shelf in the area that don't want to contend with the Narooma bar. Lots of good estuaries down that way. Most of these produce good fish. Good beaches, rock fishing too. Great bottom fish though different parts of the coast produce different fish. Depends also when you are going. Different areas are better at different times of the year. Good team there too. Go the Roosters
  7. G'day Mate Is it possible to see what you are filming on the GoPro in real time on the boat or do you take pot luck and watch the footage later. Lags
  8. Great Fish. Can you tell me where about you were near Wasp Island? Dave
  9. The transducer has not been altered in the four pictures. The angle the photos were taken give the impression that the transducer is too high. I would not be able to mount the transducer internally without cutting a hole in the floor to access inside the bottom of the hull. I wanted to avoid this if I can.
  10. Hi Jeff The transducer is below the hull. I have tried wide ,nearer to the motor and halfway between. The problem I see is the stringers on the bottom of the hull don't allow me a clean water area. I did see a posting on the net that said if the transducer was fitted to the area in front of the motor that it is possible to get a clean reading. This seemed to go against everything I had learnt. Has anyone heard about this positioning. I have turned the sensitivity up and that is not the problem.
  11. Hi I have an older Haines Hunter v16. I have a 787 hummingbird sounder fitted. I have owned this boat for 30 years and have fitted a few different sounders over the years. I have tried a few positions on the transom to fit the transducer but can not find a good position to get a proper sounding above 15km. Can anyone help with a photo of where they have their transducer fitted on one of these hulls and if they can get a proper picture at speed or not Dave