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  1. We kept my sons fish for dinner. Cut out the dark meat and skinned as advised. Pretty good I have to say. Maybe not quite a good as salt water barra but not bad at all. Huge fillets.
  2. I had the good fortune to get out of Sydney (Central Coast) a few days before the border closed and drove with family straight up to Hervey Bay to stay with my wife's brother for 10 days. Thankfully for me he is a great fisho and has worked out how to get the most from a local dam stocked with barra. He was getting 1/2 a dozen fish per trip a few weeks prior and for some reason they were shut down over the 3 trips we did, but that didn't stop us getting a few anyway. My sons first barra (boy is he now keen to head up again) at 65cm and my PB at 82cm. Just love the strike and short tussle but f
  3. Thanks for all your replies. Got them on live worms but metho-dipped frozen will work when they are plentiful. Took about 3 hours so not very "fast and furious", you have to be patient. Because it was pretty choppy I got quite a few in VERY close behind the shore dump. Sometimes they are there, sometimes further out. I fished the same location last month for a couple of trevally only so the whiting are moving onto the beaches, ready for summer. Tempura batter was from ingredients, egg yolk (1)+ iced water (1 cup) + flour (1 cup), not mixed well, nice and lumpy. Oil at ~170degrees.
  4. Sunday up at 4am and on Nth Entrance beach by 5am. No tailor at first light so switched to whiting. Kept those that were 32~34cm so good size. Turned into tempura (prepared properly) cooked over two shifts so it was hot and crisp (just glad I didn't have to clean up the kitchen )
  5. Great morning, well done. Looking forward to joining you sometime soon. Your approach is much more interesting than a late night bait soaking session.
  6. Thanks for the info cmhcfish it correlates with my research. I prefer to have professional servicing of high end reels so the mag-seal isnt an issue with me, although I expect I will have put up with it taking quite a few months to get done. OK, just to round out this post, I got the Certate LT 5000D-XH (high speed model) with 2.5 PE + Coltsniper BB 1000M (10', 60g max) for just over a grand. Had a week away on the south coast casting metals and hard bodies (40 - 65g) . Many casts for only a few salmon but VERY happy with the combo. So light and powerful. Cast distance was ~70 - 80m so h
  7. Thanks. I'll post feedback when I have used it for a while. Planning a week road trip to the NSW south coast so plenty of opportunity to spin the rocks and beaches down south. I really like the monocoque body and the benefits it brings. I feel that the TP tries to make the most of a pretty std internal design with small tech innovations but no big leaps. Pretty much going by recommendation and web info on the rod. It seems to match the reel and specs for the intended uses at a fair price so time will tell.
  8. Hey Rob81, yeah my Twin Power 4000 SW is ~15yo so very different to current models and was sourced directly from Japan. Only 4.2:1 ratio which is why it only retrieves ~70cm per turn. Nice and powerful for jigging and live baiting from the boat but not so good from the shore. Also isn't a particularly deep spool. I have confirmed that Shimano have supply issues and I would need to order and wait until Dec/Jan for the C5000 XG FD ($750) Had a good long chat at my local Freddys who suggested also looking into the 19 Certate 5000DXH ARK for $750. The Certate certainly seems the equal of the
  9. Thanks for the feedback. JonD - certainly cannot argue with those results. Was that rod a Saltist as I couldn't find a Coastal 802. Will also look into the Pioneer but gearing or more accurately line recovery will impact usability as I don't have the stamina of a 20yo anymore. Kingue chaser - yeah, I'm looking for a lighter combo that won't tire me out. . There will always be fish bigger than the gear your using. I do have a giant killer - Silstar TraverseX, 10ft, 10-15kg + Ecoda Hornet HS12000 spooled with 50lb braid and 80lb leader πŸ˜‰(Spinning for more than 15min with this knacker
  10. HI FR community, I haven't spun metals off the beach or rocks since I was a teenager (40 years ago!) and want to get back into it before I'm too old and frail. Also want to chuck a few SP for jew so need a bit of grunt but dont want to go too large with reel and line to sacrifice distance. I notice most of the medium-higher spinning reels bring in ~100cm per turn. Mostly it doesn't seem to matter the reel size, the bigger they are, the lower the ratio so the total line recovered seems about the same from a 4000 - 10,000 size. Is this enough for most metals in the 30 - 100g range? The next
  11. Thanks for the info on prop chatter fixes and throttle options, Zoran. Knowledge is power and I am expecting these should be able to be resolved.
  12. After sitting on the fence and even asking my wife to make the decision for me (risky I know πŸ˜‰) I decided to go with the Mercury 60CT. Reasoning: - dealer is 5 min away Vs 1 hour - was convinced the power (torque) was very close between the two motors(see attached graph, even though this is a Mercury doc I believe the graphs look authentic) with the 60CT having as good or slightly better hole-shot but expecting to drop ~5 km/h at WOT. - No other major technology differences between them; same displacement, both injected, same gearing, same weight etc - $1000 cheaper -
  13. Great outcome Zoran. My Merc 60CT is being fitted as I write this. I'll update my post when I have taken it out and give feedback. I did manage to locate torque curves comparing the Merc 60CT with Yamaha F70 and as you found, the Merc curve is VERY flat. Going from 70 2st to 60 4st will cost me ~5km/hr off the top but like you, that doesn't worry me.
  14. OK, on topic again. Was ready to drop my hard-earned and made one last call to a local outboard repairer who has a good reputation to see his thoughts, and turns out he is a Tohatsu dealer. His comments were pretty reasonable about Yamaha (nothing negative except for gearbox seals on work boats) and he pointed me to the MFS60 released last year: https://www.tohatsu.com.au/node/1523 After deciding to go with the F70 I am reluctant to consider 60hp instead however this article ran it on a similar length weight boat and seemed to go fine: https://www.fishingworld.com.au/boats/reviews/mad-dog
  15. All useful comments as experience is at least as valuable as specs. Unfortunately I wont know the outcome until it is actually fitted and propped. I've been quoted the F70 which has a promotional discount currently for $11K, fitted, gauges, prop fitting etc. So $1K more than the Mercury 60CT but it will be mounted with the same bolt holes, gauges will fit into existing holes (now digital), engine weight is similar, I get an extra ~10hp with a little more torque. The torque does seem to be at higher revs than the Merc so I think fitting the right prop will be essential to ensure low - mid
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