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  1. Great outcome Zoran. My Merc 60CT is being fitted as I write this. I'll update my post when I have taken it out and give feedback. I did manage to locate torque curves comparing the Merc 60CT with Yamaha F70 and as you found, the Merc curve is VERY flat. Going from 70 2st to 60 4st will cost me ~5km/hr off the top but like you, that doesn't worry me.
  2. ITEM: 70hp Yamaha 2-strokeDESCRIPTION: 1999 model, only ~450 hours, serviced regularly, no hydrolic trim and tilt, new water pumpCOST: $500CONTACT DETAILS and PICKUP LOCATION: Contact me via pm on here username Scienceman. Pick up from Central Coast area.
  3. OK, on topic again. Was ready to drop my hard-earned and made one last call to a local outboard repairer who has a good reputation to see his thoughts, and turns out he is a Tohatsu dealer. His comments were pretty reasonable about Yamaha (nothing negative except for gearbox seals on work boats) and he pointed me to the MFS60 released last year: After deciding to go with the F70 I am reluctant to consider 60hp instead however this article ran it on a similar length weight boat and seemed to go fine:,board%20communication%20connectivity%20(optional). Things I like: - 20Kg lighter than the F70 - $1400 cheaper than the F70. (with current EOFY discount - $9,600) - newer design, the F70 was released ~8 years ago (but this shows it's reliable too) - Local servicing/repairs not 30min drive away - 5 year warranty Vs 3 year Ahhh, hate these decisions. Will sleep on it over the weekend. Anyone got feedback on the Tohatsu?
  4. All useful comments as experience is at least as valuable as specs. Unfortunately I wont know the outcome until it is actually fitted and propped. I've been quoted the F70 which has a promotional discount currently for $11K, fitted, gauges, prop fitting etc. So $1K more than the Mercury 60CT but it will be mounted with the same bolt holes, gauges will fit into existing holes (now digital), engine weight is similar, I get an extra ~10hp with a little more torque. The torque does seem to be at higher revs than the Merc so I think fitting the right prop will be essential to ensure low - mid range grunt.
  5. Thanks all for your comments. Appreciate the input, especially zmk1962. I've always looked at torque as much as HP with my cars so what you say makes sense however there is a more limited choice with outboards (as there are many more restrictions such as boat weight, design, application etc). I found this interesting comparison: Merc 60 = 59HP @ 5750RPM and 76NM @ 3000RPMYamaha F60 = 57HP @ 6000RPM and 76NM @ 4,500RPMYamaha F70 = 67HP @ 6300rpm and 83NM @ 5,300RPM Also expect the Suzuki DF70A would be another good option.
  6. Well after 20 years of good service my Yamaha 70hp two stroke has finally gone terminal. Nothing wrong with the engine, just the hydraulic trim and tilt finally died to wear and tear (main cylinder scored, metal shavings internal etc). Cannot be repaired and cost to replace .......~$4,000! I looked at US and Japanese parts websites and still at least $4K. So time for a new donk. Was thinking a Yamaha 70 but my local Quinnie dealier is Mercury and he propositioned me with the 60CT. Specs look identical to the old 2 stroke Yammi except for the hp. Sure its going to be a little slower out of the hole but all 4 strokes will. EOFY sale, $10K fitted with gauges etc. Seems like a nice price. Will call the nearest Yamaha dealer on Monday to see what deals they have on offer for the F70 but I expect the Mercury will be a few thousand cheaper. My boat is a Quintrex Bayranger Caprice 475 and weighs 365kg so with engine, me and some gear, looking at ~600kg total. So if anybody is running a newish Mercury 60CT and has some comments, please let me know.
  7. I remember these rods when I was a teenager, some 40 years ago. Great estuary rod for light mono lines. Ahhh, memories
  8. I just use a double dropper paternoster with a medium star sinker and 10lb fluorocarbon, worms as bait. Was running 6lb which is fine for whiting but missed several medium size jew so hopefully will get one next time.
  9. A nice few hours on The Entrance beach Sunday morning, relaxing and rewarding. Strangely I found the bream and larger whiting on the edge of a sand bank near a hole, 2 hours into the run out and will full sun at 10am. Bream always like to sit under some white water but with a bit of depth. No takes by jew this time.
  10. I have recently switched to a double dropper (6lb fluorocarbon) paternoster with a medium star sinker at the bottom. Works a treat and probably accounts for a few extra fish over a few hours fishing. Occasionally one fish will take both baits!
  11. Ideally I like some swell to create sand disturbance on the sand banks, usually 1 - 1.5m. Also a rising to high and early fall tide but if I am in the mood I'll try any tide. I like to pick a sand bank with white water on top and with deeper water to one side, usually a gutter running out to deep water. I try a few casts on the bank just in case they are up on it feeding. Water flow off the bank is not always obvious especially on a high tide so the direction of the breaking waves at the back of the sand bank can indicate this. I'll then try some casts on the side of the sand bank that the water is flowing into. If it is low light or early/late in the day this is usually the best location. If nothing there I'll try the deeper gutter. This is often where the fish go as the tide drops or the day gets sunny. If you don't get much then walk down the beach to the next bank/gutter and try again. Need to be patient as on this day the fish didn't bite at first light and it took me 1.5 hours for the first keeper. Then as the tide got near the top I found a good location with slow but regular bites/fish and just kept at it for a couple of hours more to get my 7 keepers.
  12. Caught this nice bag on Saturday morning off the beach on the rising tide. 27 - 34cm. Quite spread out so needed to do a lot of searching. Identified a likely location where I caught one or two and kept at it until the results came, on the last of the run in/first of the run out, even when the sun came out at 11am they were still biting. Left when I ran out of beach worms.
  13. The jew in my pic was caught off Crowdy beach in November. Right on the high tide at dusk on king worms (metho/frozen) - see post. We couldn't drive more than a few kms from the surf club before the beach ran out at high tide and we got bogged trying to turn around and then again on the soft sand trying to get back. Ended up having to walk over 1km to find a nice gutter to fish but the result was worth it. Would have been OK at low tide but still beware. From the sounds of your post, I think you are talking about Harrington beach as that is the beach with the Harrington breakwall at the southern end. Best jew fishing here is near the breakwall. There is an access point just after the caravan park and a track at the back of the dunes to the right taking you to the wall.
  14. Not sure oft he jighead, probably ~1/8 oz or there abouts. That modded screwdriver looks like it will get through the hard head of a flatty pretty good. Probably the sort of think you would also find in hidden in cell at Silverwater prison
  15. Happy to help out and I thought the 22 comments very funny. Just took a photo of the ikejime I use. Made by SureCatch so should be readily available. Probably needs a sharpen and starting to rust a little but I have had it for +10 years. I drilled a hole at the side of the cutting board mounted at the back of the boat that this fits nicely into and I just leave it there, ready to use when needed.