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  1. mattyg_16

    Golden Classic, Lake Windamere

    What sort of terrain were you catching them in? I've been to Windamere a few times now and its takes considerable time to work out where in particular they are holding. One day they might be on the shallow weed beds then the next they will be on the sunken timber. Frustrating and fun at the same time. Matt
  2. mattyg_16

    Waratah Bay

    I caught a couple on Sat night around the 1m mark but agree they were small. I have previously caught around the 1.8 mark It was freezing but the water temp was like a bath at 18 degrees. Could that be part of the reason for a small run of fish? Maybe get better once the colder water temps come through? Also big school of arrow squid came through prior to the hairtail and destroyed 3 out of my 4 baits.
  3. mattyg_16

    Smiths Creek over the holidays

    I was playing with those two squid in the video for about 5 minutes trying to get some good footage. They were really aggressive and would hang onto the jig right until it broke the water surface and then would hang around for me to drop it back in again. At the very end of the video one of them just disappears and the other just keeps going. There were some micro arrow squid there as well no longer then a car key and they were chasing a 2.5 size jig! Yep, cant beat surface fishing on light gear especially with the quality of fish you can get in < 500ml of water. The anticipation of a surface strike is what keeps me going back. It blows my mind sometimes the size of the fish you can get off the surface.
  4. mattyg_16

    Smiths Creek over the holidays

    Couple of the fish from Smiths Creek
  5. mattyg_16

    Smiths Creek over the holidays

    I had them going back and fourth over the jig for about five minutes. Nothing seemed to spook them. But yeah it was interesting that they commonly hit the side of the jig rather then the back. They approach from the back but then dart for the head. I was trying catch them both on the jig and came so close to doing it as well.
  6. Hey guys, Hit up Cowan Creek particularly Smiths Creek a few times over the Christmas holidays. Did not disappoint, plenty of fish to be had especially off the flats. Tonnes of squid, blue swimmer and mud crabs as well. I could not get a way from the squid, they seem to be in every single bay. One thing I found was the flathead were either on or they could not be found. I went out two days in a row over the same tide periods, the first day it was almost a flathead a cast then the second day I could not catch one to save my life. Here is a little video of a mud crab, string ray, whiting and arrow squid I was playing around with.
  7. mattyg_16

    This is why I love fishing

    I fished it yesterday and it was fairly quiet. Could not find a flatty to save my life, not sure if all the rain moves them down the system? I caught my PB bream off the surface in smiths creek. I am also told at certain times of the year bream will take cicada lures off the surface just like a bass. I'll be trying that this year for sure
  8. mattyg_16

    This is why I love fishing

    Yeah I had that happen a few weeks back when fishing for flatties. I was ripping the lure back to the boat when a salmon smashed it. Fun on 6lb
  9. mattyg_16

    Harmful Algae in Berowa Waters

    FYI Think prawning in Calabash Bay may be out of the question for a while.
  10. mattyg_16

    This is why I love fishing

    Hey mate, Yeah I have a similar problem. None of my mates want to wake up early so I end up fishing solo a lot of the time. I've got s stacer 4.29 Proline Angler. Simple as to handle by yourself, I have no problems whatsoever. Anything larger would be more challenging. Cheers Matt
  11. mattyg_16

    Rip Bridge Sunday

    Yep Rip Bridge is very deep in the middle. My 2 cents, fish the sides rather than the middle. Fish may hold in the middle but venture out during the lead up to the tide changes which represents the best chance to hook into a Jew. Also your chances of keeping a bait on the bottom in the middle are almost zero unless you use a massive snapper lead. Always fun watching people drift through there at 100 miles per hour with their baits almost on the surface. Matt
  12. mattyg_16

    Brisbane waters

    Had squid attacking lures in every spot I tried last week. Trick would be to have a jig on standby so you can flick it next to the squid before he lets go of your lure.
  13. mattyg_16

    Brisbane waters

    Smashed the flathead on Sunday around the rip bridge and Woy Woy using an assortment of lures whilst targeting Jews, biggest went 84cm. We landed 30+ fish between my mate and I. Prawn imitations seemed to work the best.
  14. mattyg_16

    St Georges Basin Tips

    Really testing conditions last week with two southerlies and a strong north easter blowing most of the day. Took a while to find the flatties but when I did it was one cast after the other. Unfortunately I didn't connect to any big girls but fun non the less.
  15. mattyg_16

    St Georges Basin Tips

    Cheers for the advice guys. Herd about the tailor from a few people now. Will let you know how I go. Finger crossed for a big flatty.