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  1. Caught half a doz small sweep (20 to 30cm) this morning off rocks. Wondered if anyone has tried them as live bait. I put mine back.
  2. Caught him on a live yakka about 25cm size. He swallowed it whole and spat it our after he was landed.
  3. Well stupidly I did not think of photos. the adrenaline was coursing from having had quite a fight and then no landing net. I managed to pull it up onto the steps when my line broke. Managed to grab him by hand before he realised he was free. This is th only other piccy I took
  4. Caught this chap last Thursday from the pier at Clifton. Too good to keep had to say hello and goodbye. It would have broke my heart to take its life
  5. Am I too late to join you....?
  6. I am a complete newbie, both to Fishraider and to fishing. One of the reasons I am rarely seen on a boat or ferry is because I suffer from motion sickness. I found this Thread most enlightening and in a way encouraging. I have every sympathy and indeed empathy with anyone who loses the contents of their stomach over the side. I have taken careful note of the various remedies recommended and will indeed check them out. Meanwhile I stay with my feet on the shore. I used to take comfort in the knowledge that Nelson suffered from seasickness. I often wonder what his remedy was. Pretty sure Kwells
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