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  1. foolforjesus

    J Braid 8 Strand

    Similarly to jdanger, once I learnt to manage the line, especially for light jig applications, I get 0 tangles/birds nests. Not sure why you had a bad experience Stewy...Before using this braid, I too would end up in birds nests with expensive supple braids.
  2. foolforjesus

    Beginner Fisher

    Hi Jack, Based on what you've said, are you interested in bait or lure fishing? Depending on your choice, the tackle to suit would vary. My advice would be to decide on this first, then you would get more specific advice from Raiders. Great advice so far, and I second to stay away from telescopic rods. Nothing personal against them lol, but yeah, not the type of rod I would suggest. Cheers, Chris
  3. foolforjesus

    J Braid 8 Strand

    Hey Raiders, Just a quick post to say since taking the plunge, and giving 8 strand J Braid a crack, I can say without any hesitation, it is very very good line. I've been a happy camper for many years using Fireline Exceed, however since fishing with J Braid, I am converted. I have only used it in 6lb breaking strain, so can't vouch for other line weights, but up to now, the 6lb has performed very very well. Cheers, Chris
  4. That's it Mate. It sure is a beautiful place.
  5. I remember my first trip to the Eucumbene spawn run, I hooked only 3 fish, and landed 2 of them. To this day, that 3 day trip is probably my most memorable, fulfilling angling experience I've ever had, and I've been fishing for Trout for over 30 years. To me, fishing isn't about numbers of fish caught, but the journey. It's all about your posture and perspective.
  6. foolforjesus

    Toongabbie creek

    Hi Mate, I used to fish there for carp several years ago. Then, there was a lot of big carp in the creek, but not been down since then, so maybe not anymore. I would suggest going on a hot day, so may have to wait till next summer now. Cheers, Chris
  7. foolforjesus

    Leader to jighead

    Hi Richard, I've been using a 5-6 turn lefty's loop knot for several years now. I think in all that time, I've never had one fail. I find a loop knot helps provides the ultimate action in the lure. Imo, unless you're chasing pelagics, best to use a loop knot over a clip/snap. Cheers, Chris
  8. foolforjesus


    It appears all this has caused quite a stir, lol... To be honest, I probably wouldn't join a forum if it entailed ongoing membership fees. That said, I spend $4.50 a pop on a coffee several times a week, so... In the big scheme of things, if you value the service provided, and if being a part of the forum is important to you, then it's not all bad. Interested to hear the full details in due course.
  9. foolforjesus

    Illegal Fishing

    Hey Raiders, Whilst looking on the Facebook Marketplace page last night, I saw people advertising the sale of fish. I could be wrong, but this looks like illegal fish sales to me. These adverts appeared to be fish caught in Sydney, judging by the advertisers location. I contacted one of the advertisers, who replied saying the fish were sourced at the Entrance. Its happening all the time on our waterways. If you see anything suspicious, contact fisheries. People need to stop abusing our waterways for personal gain, and respect the laws in place. Otherwise, face up, and pay the penalties of illegal activities. Cheers, Chris
  10. foolforjesus


    April fools right?!
  11. foolforjesus

    Joining the world of Fly Fishing

    Hi Wellzy, Good on ya Mate! The ol fly rod certainly has a way of getting under your skin. Before you know it you'll be tying flies! On a serious note, there is some great tutorial videos online, specifically with an american fly fishing guide. Just search for Hank Patterson. He's an expert in all things Fly Fishing. You can thank me later! Cheers, Chris
  12. foolforjesus

    Samurai Reaction 201/70

    Ok Mate, thanks for the info.
  13. foolforjesus

    Samurai Reaction 201/70

    Hi Mate, thanks for the reply. I actually had a look at the original 201 over the weekend, and I was very surprised...Not a very fast action rod at all. I have a Luvias 4-8lb 7ft rod, which is miles faster. Maybe the 101 is the fastest?
  14. foolforjesus

    Samurai Reaction 201/70

    I take it that's a no then...Lol
  15. foolforjesus

    Samurai Reaction 201/70

    Hey Raiders, I'm looking at purchasing a second hand older generation Samurai Reaction 201/70 rod. (7ft one piece 2-6lb) I was wondering if anyone has owned this generation, and also the current generation, and how they compare. Is it worth the extra money for the current rod, or save quite a bit, and get the older generation. Cheers, Chris