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  1. Yep... was there on Sunday and counted 70 people on the rocks. Yep. 70. Also threw back 4 bonito and the looks on people's faces was priceless.
  2. Well, I understand this topic has been done to death but technology is constantly improving so I am bringing it up again. I have always been a fan of Power Pro. Good quality, strong, but compared to some other brands I have recently seen on the market, it is not as smooth or thin so casting distance is less. So my question to fellow raiders is, what is your favourite brand of braid in the 20lb+ range?
  3. I think you should try long reef, it's not too far from there and pretty much guaranteed a king.
  4. You're doing it right but it's really about location. Whatever you do, don't wash the squid in fresh water. Where are you fishing? If there are schools of rat kings, strips will do or the whole squid will be wasted. Do you have a fish sounder? Go to a spot that is known to hold kings, and go there first light and fish the morning and you are pretty much guaranteed to get a at least a rat.
  5. I'd check the IP rating as already mentioned, but I have a Lowrance on my kayak. The navigation card slot has a rubber seal but I have made it extra water proof with some DIY tape. As for the connections, it is best to fill them with dielectric grease, don't worry, the connection will still work. This prevents corrosion on those points. I also spray some lanolin on the connections after each trip. It has copped heaps of salt water spray. I hose down the whole thing each time and haven't had a problem in 2 years, no sign off corrosion. You also have to worry about electrolysis or corrosion travelling up the wires from the battery, so also make sure that is completely sealed in a water proof case of some sort. I made my own with a switch on it, also contains a fuse.
  6. benm


    Launched off Bellambi today to hunt down some kings on the yak. Water was green and full of rubbish. Squid proved hard to get but managed a few yakkas for livies instead. Trolled around the bommies. Plenty of rat kings about. They didn't touch the yakkas, but caught plenty on soft plastics on light gear. Ranged anywhere up to 60cm. There were hundreds of them in schools. Westerly started to pick up big time, so I began to head back. A squid latched onto the live yakka and I almost got it to the yak, but it let go when it got close. Took a nice bite out of my yakka, so I put a squid spike through him and sent him overboard. I was on almost instantly and landed this fella. Felt like I was pulling in a drift chute.
  7. Something strange looking about that fish. Like it had a bite taken from it's dorsal fin.
  8. That is a very nice haul. Did you get the bream and other fish on squid as well?
  9. Proper overhead jigging reels are usually narrow so you don't need to thumb the line. Take a look at Accurate, Jigging Master, or Alutecnos reels. They are best in class when it comes to jigging. But in the end, I think it comes to personal preference and not everyone can afford a reel made for jigging tuna.
  10. Wow, I am really interested in these surgeon fish you mention and I would also love to see some pics of your past surgeon fish. We got some small ones last week as a bycatch going for luderick/black fish with string weed, but I didn't know people actually targeted them primarily and that they got that big! Really interesting. Oh, and nice king
  11. Na, Wattamolla looks different, this is some place else...
  12. I agree with him, but it depends on where you are fishing from and what type of fishing you are doing, for example if you are landbased the thicker line diameter will seriously limit your casting distance. If you just want to catch salmon, bonito and maybe the odd king I would go 30lb. If you are jigging or live baiting on a boat for some serious hoodlums then 50lb minimum for sure, even up to 80lb.
  13. benm

    Shackles laws

    +1 hoax, topic posted before already
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