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  1. Hi guys, the crew from team baitcatcher and 1st mate mobile marine have been chasing some marlin. just some footage hope you all enjoy
  2. Yep ? And sinker to suit conditions
  3. I was using a mix of baits squid and pilchards. They were that thick they were even taking plastics and micro jigs
  4. Decided to go for a bottom bash over the weekend departed from botany and hit the 60m mark. First baits down nice pan sized snapper and few other good reef species. Continued drifting eventually flathead were benign hauled in, some instances 2 at a time. Managed to bag out by 11am left fish biting and back home by 12pm. (Note: fish was caught between 3 people)
  5. Hey I should add I do have an anchor which (stress free the drum which type) thansk for for all the input though thanks guys
  6. hi guys i currently own a bar crusher 670HT and would like to chase some reef species. just curious how do i go about anchoring in reefs in deep water. the current anchor attached to the boat is a roll bar plough and was curious if i could use this in the reefs? so could i use this anchor over the reefs? is there any special techniques i need to know when anchoring in 30m -60m of water? any help will be appreciated guys?
  7. haha mine is just a baby it was an ink bucket same here mate green has done well for me! i cant wait! hopefully the jackets leaved me alone!
  8. Decided to try something different today planned on targeting some squid off to my favorite grounds within 10 minutes 5 green eye were landed nothing big Suddenly everything died out after a solid hour of casting my jig not a single hit but suddenly got smoked intilially thought king but wasn't fighting like one and had heaps of weight to it started coming up eventually and to my surprise I landed this monster cuttle fish Which has sorted bait for the next few trips!!
  9. Decided to target some snapper with great conditions outside so first stop bait next stop out to my favorite reef! Got to my reef day started slow as there was so little current decided to slow jig. It paid off within 5 minutes I was on a fish Within next 1 hr only managed four snapper which was great Decided to use some baits now and I managed a 2 bonitos great fun from 80m of water. Again another hit this felt different was pulling drag a lot of drag. I got excited thought it was big snapper, but it was a trag fought pretty hard! Headed back to the ramp by 2pm as the fishing was ver
  10. I'm sure you will get the chance again I love fishing the hacking! Those whales are scary especially when close to you're boat
  11. Thanks mate! I usually catch most of my squid near that big White House I usually sit at jibbion bomie best tip I have for squid find the bait and there not too far Yes that's me! I'm the person you are thinking off I see you quite often
  12. Hey raiders! Once again planned on going for a fish with my mate! We headed out from port hacking and plan was to gather live bait and go from there So yakas and squid in the tank With conditions looking great decided to punch out got to my spot and started fishing. Within minutes after pumping some burley out I had a hit a nice 35cm snapper then my mate a 37cm snapper Then my mate had a run thought it was a snapper probably the biggest his ever had after running hard with big head shakes it was a kingfish 70cm then snapper had seem to disappear but the Kings were thick taking baits off the b
  13. Cheers mate there are a few out but not in numbers! Rats are always fun!
  14. Hi raiders! decided to hit up my favorite reef with my 2 of my mates started off slow but once I started clubbing up it paid off heaps of rat kings great fun on light gear but heaps of travely and the odd Watson bonito also All was caught on pilchards unfortunately no snapper ? But reefs have been producing well for me 21 fish between the 3 of us at then end ?
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