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  1. AGP


    I have a 420 Renegade and bought it new 3 years ago. To answer some of your questions.. Yes waves will occasionally come in through the transom in swell/chop or boat wake. Its never enough to be a big problem and yes they come standard with auto bilge if you ever take too much water, Usually this has happened to me while fishing in torrential rain for hours. I have a 50hp 4 stroke Yamaha and get about 55kmph out of it. 3 people is fine but I would in no way put an engine under 50hp on one. I have spoken to other owners who have 40's and regret not going bigger. They can handle offshore conditions quite well and I regularly have mine a few km's offshore. Just check the weather religiously and stay away from any strong wind and you'll be fine doing light offshore stuff. The other must have bit of gear has been a 55lb Minn Kota Ipilot. Easily my favourite bit of gear on the boat.
  2. How can there be 2 x commercial fisherman with licenses to net in Cowan Creek when it is illegal to do so? See below link. Its from the DPI website and says all netting on all species of fish is banned in Cowan.
  3. AGP

    Estuary cod? (Juvenile Qld Grouper)

    Juvenile estuary cod by the looks. Where was it caught?
  4. AGP

    1m King vs 1m jew

    Depends how the fish is taken, top water metre plus Kings are somewhat of a holy grail. A big Jew on lure however is another story.... Any regular fisho knows a big Jew is a much more difficult adversary than a big King. Not fight wise unless over 30kg but more difficult to target in general.Kings seem easy at times when they're on, Big Jew on lure are the pinnacle of angling in NSW in my opinion. Anyone can fluke a few good Kings, The big Jew are another story. I guess I'm more talking about using lures for both species though..
  5. AGP

    My best ever Dollie

    Great stuff and good angling solo.
  6. AGP

    Marine Battery Question

    Thanks to all for your comments, Much appreciated.
  7. AGP

    Marine Battery Question

    Got the PM Katoe cheers mate! Roylo i'd have to double check what size although I know its of much larger capacity then the original one the dealer installed. I was more concerned that its a cranking battery running a host of electrics that a deep cycle would be better suited to run so wouldn't a dual purpose be better suited? Alternator is working fine checked out recently with my 200 hour service. I think when the original went flat it was a case of short trips with the engine/alternator on then long sessions using multiple electrics at anchor so I was taking out more than was going back in. I never worried to much about it going dead because the dealer said I never need to trickle charge due to alternator.
  8. AGP

    Marine Battery Question

    Thanks for the input guys. Katoe where did you get the jump starter for $120 from? This seems like a great option for piece of mind especially for the night sessions. Feel free to PM me the details. Thanks!
  9. AGP

    Marine Battery Question

    Hi Guys, Would appreciate a few comments on my below situation. I purchased a new Quintrex Renegade from a dealer as a complete boat, tralier, motor package which included electronic fit out around 2 years ago. It came fitted with a deep cycle battery at the front of the boat, purely for running my Minn Kota I-pilot and no other electrics attached to this deep cycle. The rear of the boat was fitted with a Century marine cranking battery. This battery was setup by the dealer to also supply power to my sounder, Nav lights, Anchor light plus bilge pump for live bait tank. The Yamaha 50hp 4 stroke has an alternator attached which I was told by the dealer would charge up the battery enough to keep all those electrics running, Plus never have to be trickle charged.. Well things ran fine for a year before one night at anchor whilst running my sounder, anchor light and live bait tank the battery went flat. What could've turned into a dangerous situation didn't as another boat passing by was able to tow me back to the ramp although it did take the poor bloke over an hour! Unhappy with the dealer fitting that amount of power sucking electrics to a cranking battery I bypassed them and went to see a specialist battery store. The owner there talked me into buying another cranking battery and not a dual purpose. His reasoning was that this new cranking battery was of much larger capacity and would power all those additional electrics considering its larger size and charge from the alternator when my engine is running. After the breakdown I am still nervous though, I am regularly up against cliffs fishing and fishing at night in areas you would not want a flat battery in. Am I kidding myself not running a dual purpose? The cranking battery is a Lion and I cannot connect the other electrics to the deep cycle that supplies the Minn kota due to how the dealer has done the initial setup. Any comments/experience would be great. Cheers
  10. AGP

    Third time lucky...

    Good on you mate, Better still your first King was on a lure!
  11. AGP

    Great old photo

    Nice old photo. I've seen lots of old photo's like that from around Wisemans and Spencer. The Hawkes held an enormous amount of Jew and all the photo's show the same boat full all at big sizes. What I find more concerning is that even 15-20 years ago the population seemed so much more abundant. Don't get me wrong, I know dialled in anglers out there have exceptional catch rates in the river these days but this is not the norm. I have caught my fair share in the river too but things are very different to when I first started targeting them in the Hawkes as a young bloke. I'll admit it was almost easy back then. Everyone has a different theory and I've heard my fair share of "It's not the pro's doing it"....... In my opinion it is the gill netting and mesh netting and nothing else.
  12. AGP

    Cowan Creek Cod (Black Spot Cod)

    Well done that is a stunning Sydney fish...Even if you did fluke it with it taking a pinkie! (Don't worry my biggest John Dory was caught exactly the same way) I also applaud you for releasing what is an extremely rare species in Sydney.
  13. AGP

    Sydney - Winter vs Summer fishing.

    Good winter Breaming, Especially in the Hawkesbury. Whiting are much more of a summer species.
  14. AGP

    Sydney - Winter vs Summer fishing.

    Summer sees more species in close especially pelagics. Winter is Salmon, Trevally, Snapper in close and offshore and Jew in the estuary. Winter is also prime luderick and drummer fishing. Big Kings are targeted in winter also and can show up in close.. Both are great times of year to fish, You just have to change your approach to keep catching.
  15. AGP


    Killing it Butch! Reds can't be far away.