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  1. Interesting that this has been said. Alot of my friends do not fish but have been hearing of this lately and informing me of it? I thought it was rather strange and just buy the attractors from the tackle shop. I think it would be the safest bet!
  2. This time next week I will be on a charter boat in Narooma!!! Bring on the big Fish!!!!

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    2. cheekiifisher


      Will do :) Nearly here!!

    3. LungFai


      Weather looked decent, How'd you go out there?

    4. cheekiifisher


      I just got here today waiting on Pa to get out on the water. Cant wait!!!

  3. Thanks a bunch i will let you know how i go. I appreciate you tips
  4. Great report. I was thinking of heading down to windang this sunday for a flick of my new yak! hearing that report i am thinking i definately will!!!
  5. What a beautiful colours!!!!! Great catch!!!
  6. I was using 5'' Gulps it was a glow one in a yellow or pumpkin seed colour. I swap it around a bit in each spot until i get bites. But normally the yellow colours i am pretty lucky on.
  7. Hey all Been a while since i have been on here. But definately been getting out doing alont of fishing as well as investing in a little kayak to get myself out on the water!!! But Ettalong was producing 55-60cm flatties all Saturday thought i would share some pics of catches. Me with my 63 cm catch for the day Pa's and My catches well what we keep to bring home! We through 2 others back.
  8. The moment you get all geed up to go fishing and you arrive at your destination and its all windy and horrible. Disappointed!!!

    1. Dfishin


      I know the feeling. Its all over the place at the moment. The summer NE'ers give me the %$!&S.

    2. luderick -angler

      luderick -angler

      A fly fishers curse tell me about it! Try fishing in Wellington NZ!

  9. What a cracker of a report very entertaining. Great work on the hour fish. I spent 6 hours out there today only getting 3 fish. Oh the joys
  10. That is really low!!! Some people have no manners Sent from my GT-I9300T using Tapatalk 2
  11. Hahaha at the admins power. Still all is worth a laugh. I having a good chuckle about all above lol Sent from my GT-I9300T using Tapatalk 2
  12. Dontbleave us waiting lol Sent from my GT-I9300T using Tapatalk 2
  13. Hahahahaha @ another man on the internet lol.... i could have had a sex change lol!!!!! Hahahaha i would love to know your thoughts they sound intriging Sent from my GT-I9300T using Tapatalk 2
  14. Haha catching jack! I sure it is not that reason I have got replies. Lol.. It's my enthusiasm towards fishing lol... Still chuckling
  15. I hope it is a false alarm! for all parties involved and they got home safe and sound.