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  1. I was watching a few of your Forster youtube clips earlier and just noticed your signature and you're the same guy! You rock! Love your camera work. What fish did you use for the livebait and how did you catch them?
  2. My kids loved digging up those bright blue crabs with the white legs, and they also caught some smaller dark crabs with purple and red claws. Do they make good bait? Didn't try them in case there may be legal size requirements or something. Thanks for the reply!
  3. Good tip, thank you, I saw some cheap plastic ones at+_+_) for about $7 or so each, once I've figured out a way to attach them without drilling hols in the tinny I'll probably go and get some.
  4. Thanks mate, got the PM, great meeting people who live nearby! We've had some fun fishing the shore at Nepean under the M4 bridge, caught 2 fish that looked like carp but had no whiskers, and a silver perch and an eel-tailed catfish.
  5. Hi mate, The Hawkesbury is great, we hired a houseboat from Brooklyn last week and a dinghy with a 2hp outboard. The kids had a great time in the dinghy, so much so that I didn't waste any time getting the tinny this week. We fished with squid and prawn off the back of the houseboat and caught a few small snapper and 3 nice leatherjackets, as well as a number of a very shiny triangular looking fish with black and yellow and silver colouring that were about 2m down. The highlight of our trip was definitely the dinghy, my older son caught a tailor on a plastic lure, and my younger son hooked into a monster using the same lure that pulled us halfway down Waratah Bay before breaking off. Afterwards he said, "look at how red my hands are Daddy!" I determined then and there to get a boat and come back to give him another shot at landing what I can only presume was a big jewie. I made the mistake of following the fish along the shoreline in the boat, instead of trying to play it away from the side into deeper open water. I'd like to mix things up a bit for them though, not going to the same place too often to keep it fresh. When they are bored they swim or want to drive the boat. Just a question on fishing prawns, we were cutting off small sections of prawn tail and putting them on small size 4 or 6 short shank hooks. Is it better to use a whole prawn? How should the prawn be put on the hook, and should we peel the prawn first? Thank for your reply, Martin
  6. Hello all, New to the forum but I've enjoyed recreational fishing for many years, mostly land based freshwater coarse fishing. I have 2 boys aged 9 and 11, and I've just bought a little tinny hoping to make lots of great memories for the boys. I'm also new to Sydney, having lived inland most of my life with very little sea fishing. We live in Penrith, and I was wondering if anyone had any practical tips in terms of how to make my boys experience as enjoyable as possible so they don't get bored and begin to dread time out on the water. In particular I'd like to know: - Good places to try out and what to fish for. What type of fishing is most likely to keep them interested (salt, fresh, bait or lures)? How long should I limit trips to? Other things to do while in the boat if the fishing gets boring. Can I let them drive the boat? What should I take along with me (snacks, other fun things?) What kind of tackle would be practical (rather than lugging things along with me that we probably wouldn't use) I'd appreciate comments from people who have experience with taking children fishing in a boat. All the best Martin