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  1. Hi Geoff, I think you hit it on the nose Thanks for the soapy water tip, I'll give her a wash down after the next outing. The trailer has been a little neglected, I'll ensure it gets more attention from now on... I think I might make inquiries as to joining a local fishing club Thanks again, I know it can be frustrating when people are unsure on the how toos, but your advice has been invaluable Cheers again Sheridan
  2. Hi Geoff, Thanks for your reply I have been in touch with Nyalic, and he thinks she will be up for a "tarting up" with a fresh coat soon. There is only slight discolouration at the rear, but no bubbling at all - I definately want to keep her that way (I've always been compulsive for preventative maintenance... it can be a real hassle sometimes!) I have heard of alum bright (or something like that) that helps the silicone regrow over the surface? LOL, just trying to sift good advice from the bad! Sucks when there are no wise family members to ask We hose her with fresh after each use. Soapy water is something we aren't doing, how often do you think this needs to be done? Every six months or so? I really appreciate your help mate
  3. Hey guys and gals, Just wondering what everyone uses to protect their aluminium boats with? Nyalic has been used on it before, should you not mess with that and just use what has been on it before? Ta Sheridan
  4. HAHAH, just goes to show what a dope I can be! I tried the search box before but it told me I didn't have access, should of thought to try it again after having my application approved... *heads off to the search box...*
  5. Hello I'm Sheridan, married to James, mum to Jake (12) and Kate (11) We have recently moved to Gorokan on the Central Coast and absolutely loving it! I work in Electrical wholesale in Sydney providing electricians with all of their supplies, but mostly work in projects with major accounts. My husband is in Property Management looking after residential properties. We have a 4.8m, half cabin aluminium boat with a 100hp four stroke motor and are learning as we go! She is an absolute beast that my father had built - she's bloody ugly, but she turns heads wherever we go! Although not new to "driving a boat around", we are complete beginners at owning one and all things fishing. We are keen to get into it though and start getting some nice catches... I hate seafood, so it's mostly catch and release for us unless Hubby and the kids fancy a bit of BBQ fish. Our son has developed a real love of fishing!. We throw the kids out on the biscuit after a fishing trip so they have a bit of an adrenalin rush too As the only one with a boating license, I am the skipper of our gal for now. My father dubbed (and stickered) her DILLIGAF Anyhoo, if anyone is around Gorokan and wants to meet up on the lake on a Sunday, give us a yell and we'll happily allow you to show us a couple of your good spots... (LMAO!!) Mrsswordfisherman, just wanted to point out too, I am glad to see some chickies here Sheridan
  6. Hello all, I have always enjoyed fishing, nothing better than sitting on the water with a line out.... just cream on top to get something biting! Hence, I need help... I've always just thrown on a prawn, a basic sinker/hook/swivel type rig and hoped for the best... We live on lake Munmorah, but have access to nicer/cleaner lake Macquarie and a great boat to head out in, now all we need is a bit of know how If I were targeting Jew fish, how does that differ from targeting flat head? Any advice on what is available in this area, and what type setup to use would be fantastic! Please, someone take me under their wing and teach me the way!! LMAO Sheridan
  7. I'm interested in any suggestions here to. We have access to both Munmorah and Macquarie. Tried a few times around pulba and off the crescent point opposite, but no keepers from there yet. Just basic squid/prawn as bait though... The channel is good but not sure what tide to go in at, got a fair few squid there last trip out just sitting between the bridge and the heads near granny's pool. There is a great spot for Flatty but you have to be outside the heads for that, chuck a lefty out of the heads and its just off the point past the beach (check your finder, there is a reef somewhere there...I don't have the co-ords though and it would be damn hard to find without being there before, sorry..) Anyone have any pointers?
  8. Hi Guys! I am hoping for some advice on caring for my boat. It was my father's pride and joy, but unfortunately he has passed on and I have a deep need to care for it well. It is a custom made 4.8m fisher half cabin with a 100hp four stroke motor. (She's a biggy for a beginner to be sure!!). He went out in mostly alone so he customised the trailer himself for easy launch/recovery (drive on/hook on, no winch...). We live at the Central Coast, so she's salt water all of the time. My main question at the moment is how to care for the hull? There was a tin of Nyalic in the shed but I don't know the last time it was applied. Do you use this or is there something you recommend? I know to flush the motor with fresh water/muffs after each time out, but someone also told me to inox the motor under the cowling after each use - is this good advice? The motor also has some sort of cooling system flush thingy under the cowling... should I do this? I have had my license for years and have always cleaned the boat afterwards, but Dad always looked after its needs so I am a little bit lost! Any help/suggestions you can offer would be greatly appreciated Thanks Sheridan **EDIT** Something else just came to mind... I am not sure of the boat/trailer worth, it is currently insured for $33,000... $30k for the boat and motor, $3k for the trailer... is this accurate in your opinion?