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  1. Hi Raiders, I've just recently found a hobby in fishing soft plastics mainly at port hacking, botany bay for flatties, bream, trevallys, bonitos etc and have researched to the best of my ability and have tried to take it out to the water but so far not much luck but it still has been fun. My main questions are where to cast when either anchored or drifting. Do I when anchored cast as far upcurrent so that the SP will sink to the bottom and passes the boat and then flip the bale to let out line and then work the SP back against the current or do I just throw it out far and work it against the current? If i work against the current I don't always feel the bottom or the line doesn't go slack, it just sends out alot of line. Do I need to go a heavier jig head if I'm working against the current and there is a bit of wind. thanks guys