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  1. pnoddie

    Fishing Sunday.

    Are you still going?
  2. Has any one herd where the fish are? North or south
  3. pnoddie

    New Bluefin Bag limits

    How are they going to police it if you are on your way home from a week fishing trip at Bermi & you have Eskys full of fish fillets. How will they know how many fish you have?
  4. I'm heading out tomorrow is anyone gonna be on the water?? I have herd reports of yellowfin out wide & kings in close????
  5. pnoddie

    Shimano Port Hacking 100 - fishing competition

    265.5kg blue marlin caught
  6. I'm thinking of heading out wide tomorrow.I haven't seen any reports over the last few days,has anyone herd of any action? The currents are still far south of us and out past Heatons.
  7. pnoddie

    Anyone head out wide today?

    Heading out tomorrow been a bit quiet out wide!!! Might hit 12 mile....
  8. I'm heading out over the shelf tomorrow!! If anyone heading out give me a call,we will keep in touch through the day!!!!
  9. pnoddie

    where to go for marlin trip?

    Hey guys, Fishing on the banks yesterday went for kings on jigs & hooking marlin lol Heaps of marlin hooked & tagged on the day. A lot of undersized kings but a few big ones running around, a local pro boat poled stacks of kings. A couple of guys had akuma 37kg sticks & broke the both on kings so I wouldn't rate them!!! They had never broken a stick before just shitty rods I personally wouldn't go past the 400 t curve,couldn't break one if you tried. I'm heading down next weekend,hope to wet the tag pole. Hope this helps
  10. We are heading out tomorrow!! Hopefully we can turn a reel!! Mako v is call sign if any one is heading out..... Happy to let u know how we r doing!
  11. pnoddie

    Browns mission Tuesday

    Im going tomorrow,will be on 21 mako v
  12. I will be heading out Wednesday & a couple of friends will be out chasing them as well, the more of us there are,the more ground we can cover!!! hopefully we r not a day late lol Mako V
  13. Heading wide off Sydney Wednesday, the reports have been very promising both up & down the coast from Sydney.... Anyone else heading out? Mako V
  14. pnoddie

    Browns mission Tuesday

    Rex Are u heading out on Wednesday?
  15. pnoddie

    Browns mission Tuesday

    Hope the weather holds out for you as it's not looking great!! There have been fish caught at the bait station north of Sydney & way down south of Sydney so they are there it's just a matter of finding them.... I will be out on Wednesday as the weather looks better, my call sign is "Mako v" Good luck!!