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  1. Awesome Photos, when i was in Uganda i went fishing for them, did manage to catch one, nothing like the size of those though. Look like barra
  2. Hi Dave Nah i haven't had a go since i posted, was up at Taree last weekend though and got amongst a few which was great. I am currently working at homebush bay and look out over the water everyday wishing i was fishing instead of working, never have tried the flats there only the rock walls where i have had sucess. Hen and chicken bay is usually productive but i have had no success as of late either, maybe i am just getting worse! Thanks alot for the tips Greg, did you sell the skeeter? Randall
  3. Thanks guys I fish that area a bit but have caught nothing recently, I normally stick to the flats, edges so i might give the boat hulls a go (always wanted to try that, after seeing it on TV) I suppose i just have to keep trying Thanks Guys
  4. I have a 3.85m quintrex explorer with minn kota electric. Want to fish mostly west of the bridge as it can get a bit too sloppy for the boat during traffic.
  5. Hi Guys Looking for some new spots to chase bream on lures in the harbour as my usual spots have provided me with jack. Without giving away secret spots can anyone give me some tips for the harbour. Any help is appreciated, and if needed spots are welcomed on my boat, (nothing flash but does the job) Thanks
  6. I have to vouch for stewy, i went and saw it and was surprised.Good show
  7. I use the daiwa saltwater series rod, 7ft 15-19lb rod and daiwa 4000 terria. Caught jacks, barra and reef fish. Doubles as a snapper and light kingys back home as well
  8. Can you really fit 4000 metres of PE8 braid on a stella? Would hate to be paying for that much braid, also more than the reel itself. Maybe 400m??
  9. Try the daiwa saltwater series. Took one up north, awesome rod
  10. Baitcasters are made for casting. The thing is to get the cast control and magnetic brake just right. Best thing to do is get some cheap mono and practice with that as braid is expensive. Also baitcasters are not the best for casting light weights i.e bream lures, and don't be afraid to use your thumb when casting especially as the lure withs the water.
  11. I have a lowered commodore ute and it tows my 3.85m tinny no worries
  12. Hey Greg What kind of depths do you use surface lures? Guessing shallow flats and the likes Thanks Randall
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