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  1. was hoping for some salmón but these guys kept smashing the fresh beach worms and frozen pilles. in between casas I decide to catch works. made the trip more fun. I must have caught 15 flattys in 2 hrs. decided 3 would be enough for dinner. got busted up a few times by what I believe must have been Taylor as the line came back with no right, just a clean cut.
  2. i have a dual can mr triton. no ladder rack yet in time i.e. after xmas ill get these plus a rack over the rear. looking for solutions similar to the first option in the interim
  3. Just wondering if anyone else loads their kayaks into the back of their ute rather than roof loading? ive got an MR triton with a tub tray and am looking at my options.
  4. I used to live in Woonona but now live in Balgownie just down the rd. If you can go to the rocks in front of the boat shed at Sandon point there are dozens of good spots. I have caught Salmon, pigs, luderick and bream. I have gotten into beach worming recently at my local beach and after much swearing have mastered the art ( to an extent). These give you options on all beaches where you can spot the gutter and last year we absolutely hammered the whiting
  5. Looked at the tides yesterday arvo, bottomed out around 1700 so decided to head south of Wollongong and hit my favourite spot, the river fishes well on the last hour of the run out. My son and I went to a local rock pool and gathered a heap of bait and he made a burley mix (which ended up being worth more than its weight in gold I found later on). We arrived and my son started the burley, nice balls of weed n sand dissolved on the water and showed me the run out was still going. I cast out and no sooners does the weed hit the water I see my float vanish, I set the hooks and pull in a 20
  6. I fished macquarie riverlet on bread using a longshank 6 to 10 inches under a float. Burley on bread n four and use bread plus dough for bait. I got one 55 cms once.
  7. Funny that Best fish i landed was on a count of 10 before striking. My mate nearly had a heart attack waiting. He struck at will with good success.
  8. Haven't had a sesh like this since port locked us out of my usual spot. Landed about 40 odd fish in 2 hours almost every cast many were too small but a few keepers. Strange thing was there was a period where my mate was hooking up non stop and i wasnt. Was getting hard downs non stop but wasnt able to hook the fish. Trued soft strike, hard strike, big hook, little hook, same weed different weed no difference. Cant work out why he could hook em every cast and i seemed to luck out? Still a very good session until the sand flies came. Waited till we rolled
  9. Its over. They have fenced every part off now bar the beach facing site near the old gate and it sux there.
  10. As a local id say fairy meadow is best for worms. Has least amountof grit n pebbles. I was a stocking with pilchards over the area and use same as hand bait. Works well n those big greenhead buggers turn up most times.
  11. Wiw third time lucky Every time I submitted this it would add extra unrelated text
  12. Hi guys Been a keen blackfisher and beach fisher for a few yrs. The boss booked a holiday to perú for three months this yr nov to jan. Ive been cut loose to explore solo fir three months and wondered if anyone knows of any fishing tours or anything in the peruvian andes. After watching river monsters im certain there will be plenty of options and ive heard the trout are good in the cool mountain waters. Was pretty pumped until the old man started going on about a shop and Kamen eating people. Any advice or experiences woukd be great.
  13. I use paternoster with two tales Gang hook on bottom with a full pilly and mustad bait holder for the top with the tail half of the pilly. Caught plenty of salmon in the day but never a tailor and as above you get more at night. 1609 onwards is good as you have enough light to find a gutter for the long cold evening ahead. Id send out bits of any salmon in hopes of jew or shark.
  14. When i first looked at the pics i thiught you has some redfin
  15. no mate Was there early today and its locked up and the tractors were in. 2018 apparently
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