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  1. jed38

    Burrill lake

    Hi there, I'm heading to Burrill Lake at the the end of the month for a week. Happy to see that I might be in with a chance of some fish. You were able to gather the nippers from the shallows in the lake or are they from somewhere else? Cheers Jed.
  2. jed38

    Burrill Lake

    Hi all, I'm heading to Burrill Lake for a week at the end of March, using it as a base, and spending some time injecting some cash into the local towns down South. However fishing will also be on the list and I'm hoping to gather some info on Burrill Lake. I've seen a few posts in the past and will be targeting the basics of Flathead, Bream and Whiting, although I do like to Blackfish as well. Nippers, are they available around the lake sand flats to pump out? I'll be in a little tinnie so can get around a bit at least. Any info much appreciated. Cheers in advance.. Jed.
  3. jed38

    Burrill lake

    Well worth a few hours, nice catch.
  4. Yep that was me you saw getting some weed. It was very windy down there on Friday and no fish for me on the outgoing tide. At least you got one in the bag. Heading further south today for another go as back to work tomorrow! Cheers Jed.
  5. Evening all, Anyone know if there are any Blackfish being caught up at the Entrance at the moment? Hoping to get in a fish tomorrow before the rain hits. Any info for land based would be much appreciated. Cheers Jed
  6. Nice little video, not easy with one hand on the paddle by the looks.
  7. Excellent work all round. Those Kings were quicker than pollies to a gov pension!!
  8. And it made the Sunday paper, well up.
  9. Nice catch there. Stayed at the caravan park overnight a few weeks back, wouldn't mind taking the tinny down for a weekend.
  10. Not a bad 2nd option result.
  11. Yeah, that's tops...thanks gents....loved it.
  12. Like they say, you only live once and life's too short!!
  13. They're so fat, it looks like they've been pumped up with a bike pump!! Glad you guys are catching some Blackfish, I fished 5 different locations in the harbour from Tuesday to Thursday and couldn't manage 1 fish. I was so frustrated I took the tiny out on the Hawkesbury today.....same story unfortunately.......the kids reckon I'm cursed. I'm going to give it another go tomorrow before I go back to work on Monday. Blackfish seem slow all round, there haven't been to many reports this week. Anyways, nice work in getting a few in the bag.