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  1. kris22

    Nice day out on Botany

    great catch mate
  2. kris22

    beach fishing?

    thanks everybody for the located in liverpool area so im kind of inbetween either way might give stanwell park a shot heard from guys at work that its pretty good down there and squidgy99 pm me and we might be able to sort something out cheers Kris
  3. kris22

    beach fishing?

    just wondering where there is a good spot for descent beach fishing i dont mind travelling but want to try my luck than a boring old warf is night or day better?? cheers kris
  4. kris22


    thanks everyone for the advice..hope it all works out and i get onto some good fish
  5. kris22


    went down to bundeena on saturday with the mrs..while she sunbaked i decided to have a flick up and down the beach no results at all not even one touch..then went up on the rocks with the same result..nothing never fished around there at all so decided what do i have to lose?? is it any good?? what can i expect to catch and how should i do it?? Kris
  6. kris22

    greenwich wharf

    yeah i think that is the problem its just way too over crowded...i have never personally caught any jews there but been there when mates have and have witnessed other people get close to the 10kg mark..seems like a pretty good spot but too many people there seems to be the only problem..ive always used the fresh squid but for bait for jews..but i do see alot of yakkas swimming around the warf so might give it a go next time with a yakka
  7. kris22

    greenwich wharf

    went out to greenwich ferry wharf lastnight hoping to hook onto a nice jew...didint work out well for me or the other 25 people that where doing the same thing. nothing at all not even a baby bream..
  8. kris22

    Where to fish at Pittwaters?

    hey just wondering how much was it to hire a boat there?? would also like to know some spots..always hearing it produces some good fish around there cheers..kris.
  9. kris22

    where to catch sharks?

    Hey im new to this forum and this is my first post.. im enjoying it heaps...lots of good advice for everybody have been thinking about trying my luck on shark fishing from beaches but not too sure about what beaches would be good or bait or rigs?? any advice at all would be very appreciated.. Kris