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  1. Its a type of angler fish missing its lure. Not sure what type of angler fish though.
  2. So i am currently sitting in a motel in bundaberg waiting for the high tide ebb. Sorry i havent been around for a while i have been so busy after buying my own business that i have barely had time to scratch myself let alone fish much. Right now though i have a day off in a cracker part of the country so i an taking advantage of it. I went out for a fish this morning for a couple of fish. I fished Burnett heads for a pidgeon pair of fingermark bream on a mullet flavored squidgee. They both came in at 36cm but unfortunately i didn't have my phone with me for photos... I went back to the bridge after an earlier unsuccessful effort for no luck on the squidgees so i threw on old faithful (mullet flavoured waxwing) and managed a 45cm estuary cod (another fish to add to its collection). It was a cracker of a fight, it was coming in ok and then it found perhaps the only snag in the river. I got myself into the water and navigated myself around the pylon and after finding a small patch of quick mud and being stuck for a mo i managed to get myself around the other side for a change of angle. Thankfully after letting my line slack and changing the angle i managed to pull it out of the snag and land it up onto the bank. So i am pretty happy to add 2 more species to my list. I will be going back out very soon to try to add a barra and mangrove jack also. Here is a pic of the cod. This is also a pic of what i managed to snag from the distillery.
  3. I'D totally be jealous Scratch if it weren't for all the bloody big crocs. Hope you have a ball mate and catch a bag full! Can't wait to see the pics.
  4. List me in for next year now. Prize or no prize I am so there! Best social ever on the best community/forum ever.
  5. Mowey for sure. Better off eating your thongs.
  6. I don't suppose you got said juice from Stewy? Hehehe
  7. It's America... Who knows what their laws are. Chances are you don't even need a license.
  8. Well done Ty! That is super impressive. To have the patience and skill to get one of those up is the mark of a true fisho. You did great mate! Luc.
  9. Happy birthday to the best forum in the world be it about fishing or anything else. I love it here and will for years to come I am sure. I haven't been on much due to work but you will never get rid of me until someone feeds me too the fishies. Keep up the great work admin, you all do an awesome job that most of us active participants appreciate more than words can express. Here's to another 10 eh? Luc.
  10. P.S I will be taking the Jolly Roger back next year Pete! You wait and see hehe. There is no keeping a good drunkard down yaaaar!
  11. Thanks to Donna, Stewy, Stevo, and Fiona for putting on such a great event, it truly was a great experience to be a part of. I will definitely be backing up again for next year. Thanks also to Scratchie for dragging his boat out and getting me into some fish after Diesel couldn't make it. It was great to meet everyone and have a blast among some great company. Good on the young folk for taking out the weekend, you all did a great job. See everyone next year.
  12. First of all I would like to thank Gerry for the opportunity to go out on his boat and have a crack at my first fin. I would also like to thank Scratchie for the invite. All of you guys were a pleasure to fish with and I look forward to having another go again sometime to have a crack at one on the end of my line. It was a gray day out and I loved every minute. You all made me a very happy stalker. Here is another photo of the fin with yours truly. Twas a cracker of a fish.
  13. You're welcome buddy, congrats to you boys, you both put up a great effort and it was a pleasure to meet you both. Enjoy the fish.
  14. Royce is right, I have heard of this before also. There are a bunch of dull minded individuals who think it is a good idea to release Barramundi into the harbour thinking they are setting them free however all they manage to do is put them to death in the most inhumane way possible... By slowly killing them with colder water than they can tolerate. At least if they were eaten their deaths would have been quick and for a purpose.