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  1. I got an email this week asking about 1 of the boat ramps I often use and I wondered if im the only 1 who has gps tracking on there trailer ? When I got my little toy not long ago I went to dick smith and spent $200 and got myself a GPS tracking unit that when the battery is fully charged it can last up to almost a year and it needs a sim card that slots in. it attaches to the trailer via a magnet and mine is hidden out of site on the trailer. to get the location of the trailer you send a text to the sim card/gps unit and it sends a text back with the location. to me $200 was a small price to pay for that feeling knowing your trailer is safe
  2. Hey Derek I honestly sat down to start watching clips about them and reading about them and got side tracked with my kids and my business. I will get around to finding out more about it all as soon as I can get a break from my kids and clients
  3. hustler57

    15hp Yamaha

    Might sounds like a silly question but where is the sale section ? couldn't find it .
  4. Thankyou for the help I am in south west Sydney. Will be spennind the weekend watching all the clips and reading about soft plastics
  5. Mainly got my eyes on whitting , bream and snapper
  6. Can some on please help me when it comes to soft plastics ? ive always fished with the basic prawns and pillies and worms but Im really keen to try soft plastics... now I wouldn't know 1 soft plastic from the next so can you please give an old dog like myself some basic run downs on how to rig them up and which ones to use and how ?
  7. hustler57

    15hp Yamaha

    Yes the fuel breather was open a few turns. As I said it runs like a dream now so I don't know if it was a case of possible chunk still in the fuel lines from the external tank or something else but im happy with it now. I had to double and triple check the fuel tank as I know its a small tinnie but im not used to going out on a boat being so cheap, for those in Sydney I put the boat in at the old flower power boat ramp on the georges river and went down stream to tom uglys bridge and back to flower power on half a tank so that's basically 12 ltrs used.. my last boat would of used about 200 ltrs for the same trip.. just in time to sell it all shortly (only had the boat a few weeks and already going up for sale shortly).
  8. hustler57

    15hp Yamaha

    Took the boat out last night for a run for around 4 hours and it did not miss a beat. it only needed 1/4 choke for the first 15 mins and after that it ran great with no choke at all.
  9. hustler57

    15hp Yamaha

    The good stream of water out the rear takes a little while to warm up but its only luke warm at best. The thought that the thermo is possibly sticking will be something i might need to look into depending how it goes tomorrow night when i drop a line in. Im using 95 Caltex at the moment . What are you using ?
  10. hustler57

    15hp Yamaha

    When it was having the Wobbly attack i pulled out the choke 1/4 and it ran perfect. i wouldn't be surprised if it was just some residual debris left over after the clean . Plugs got replaced today to be safe . The engine would now of done maybe 14-15 hours in total. I spoke to a Yamaha dealer this afternoon and was told 100:1 is the correct ratio as per instructions from Yamaha but he couldn't see an issue running it a little richer.
  11. hustler57

    15hp Yamaha

    I will be doing a lot of high throttle long runs .
  12. hustler57

    15hp Yamaha

    The fuel tank is a external tank that's been cleaned. i am heading out tomorrow night to drop a line and will see how it runs then but if running at 1/4 choke is the only issue i have then while it shouldn't need any choke im not extremely worried at this stage as yesterday was a extremely cold day on the water . I had a old 40hp Mercury years ago that ran like a dream with a fraction of choke. but i will be emailing Yamaha to ask why they say 100:1
  13. hustler57

    15hp Yamaha

    Thanks Big Neil. I am running Caltex 95 at the moment in it. im using marine grade oil as usual in all my previous boats in the past. From my research about this model yammie I have they are a great motor but I just need to iron out this issue of it chucking a wobbly like it did for today for about 10 mins on and off. i bought it just last week and my mate who i bought it off . He bought it brand new and would start it up for a few mins every month and let it idle but hadn't taken it out in over a year hence why its got such low hours for it age hence it hasn't really done much work and i expected the jets to possibly be a little clogged but I have my doubts about the work the marine mechanic who came out as it was the quickest carby clean job ive ever seen.. im going to check the plugs tomorrow myself even thou the mechanic said he checked them as well as check the air filter as it ran like a dream after the wobbly and at 1/4 choke.