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  1. interested in seeing the pics too. I've inherited an old dehavilland offshore from my dad and we've been contemplating whether to restore it or not. id love to get some ideas from how you've done yours Sent from my GT-I9100T using Tapatalk 2
  2. I've caught carp with a float rig and running singer rig. carp aren't too fussy most of the time. An area I fish you can actually sight fish for them and watch them swim up to your bait under the float and eat it. So whilst they might be mostly bottom feeders they will eat presented bait suspended off the bottom. I've caught them on worms, bread and corn. If you live out penrith way, you can get worms from the bass anger Sent from my GT-I9100T using Tapatalk 2
  3. would a line that glows under water leave you at risk of being bitten off? Sent from my GT-I9100T using Tapatalk 2
  4. I haven't fished the hawkesbury for a month roughly but it was slow going last time. West reef held a lot juvenile snapper, scorpion fish and many port jacksons. The flatties were few and far between around patonga area and mostly undersized. Flint and steel was slow for only a few bream. Spencer area produced some nice EPs and a few barely legal soapies and bream. haven't been out recently though. going to give it crack these coming weekends to suss out a game plan for the classic though. good luck Sent from my GT-I9100T using Tapatalk 2
  5. depending on the type of fishing you do, id recommend the plastic "peg" type grips. they're cheap, float and won't rust. you can even get glow in the dark ones for night fishing. I use a pair and I bought a set of digital scales that you can hook them on to. I find its easier to release fish without the worry of dropping the scales in the drink or getting them wet Sent from my GT-I9100T using Tapatalk 2
  6. Sent from my GT-I9100T using Tapatalk 2
  7. bean

    New Purchase

    I spend 5 days a week looking out the office window at that river, if you're looking for a fishing buddy im always keen for a session after work lol. I went down yesterday and things seem to have slowed down though with the last stint of cold weather. Anyone else know what it's been like lately? I've been spending my weekends making some lures for next season so im a but clueless.
  8. I use both a 1-3 shimano raider and a 2-4kg dropshot for flathead. I actually prefer the dropshot for flathead. It's matched with a shimano symmetre 1000, 4 pound braid and 6pound fluorocarbon leader and I haven't had a problem bringing in a flathead to date. I've landed them up to the mid 50cm range and it's been a fun fight. There would be no harm in running a heavier leader as flathead aren't too finicky though I use the dropshot for bream also hence the lighter leader. Your setup sounds fine, if you're using jigheads you probably won't have any dramas with being bitten off anyway due to the longshank hook style. As for casting weight, I normally use a 1/12th sized jighead and I find that with a school-sized prawn that's probably the heaviest I'd go. I don't know what it weighs all up but it casts well up until that point. I'd imagine that you could cast heavier (I personally don't like it) but just remember to be cautious as graphite rods will rarely forgive you if you overload and then try to whip it put a mile.
  9. There's a kayak shop at the regatta centre that hires out. You can either use it at the lakes or take them elsewhere. I havent tried it but I did look into it at one stage. I don't remember the price but it wasn't too expensive from memory
  10. bean

    ID please

    Thanks, anyone know what the bottom one is?
  11. bean

    ID please

    A mate and myself fished off the rocks at south head today and managed only 2 fish. Neither of us had seen these species before so I was hoping someone could help out. Cheers
  12. Pics mate? Were you landbased? I've been hanging to go for a fish but I keep forgetting to bring the rods with me to work!
  13. I tried to fish the nepean today. Apparently the gates were opened this morning but I went for a crack regardless. All the penrith valley landbased spots are unfishable - the water is too high and running too fast. Saw a couple of rises for what was probably mullet. I tried to find a few pools just out of the main current however I'd say there might be too much activity at the moment. The upper reaches of the hawkesbury may be worth a crack but as mentioned in the previous post I would steer clear of the nepean for at least a few days until the commotion dies down.
  14. That's an awesome fish mate. They may be a rubbish fish but they can be good fun!