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  1. Angler swept off the rocks at little bay this afternoon, be careful when fishing guys always check the conditions.
  2. Hey guys, as the title states, i just recently joined fishraider as a beginner fishermen. My name is eddy and I've been fishing for years on and off but never really researched a certain species or targeted certain fish to gain knowledge, i was pretty much just try and see what i get. I've fishing around South Australia( Port Lincoln) and mainly around sydney area eastern suburbs. I've always been addicted to fishing but never really liked going alone so that's sorta why i've gone on and off over the past years. anyhow I thought i'd post here and say gday and also start asking about some gear I was looking to grab seeing as I'm getting addicted to fishing again. I've been wanting to get some fishing cleats for the next time I go out on the rocks, anyone had any experience with the slip on cleats they have for sale on online shop as opposed to the ones you just fix to a old pair of shoes. I was looking at the "Slipper Eisen Pro" Cleats that are for sale on e-bay the item description is here if anyone wants to look it up "Rock fishing spikes attaches 2 boots shoes,bush walking rod reel line tackle" any info would be helpful, thanks.