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  1. Headed out of Akuna bay on Friday afternoon down to smiths creek to have a fish and watch the football only caught one nice size whiting. Got out of bed about 9 the wind was picking up so headed back to Akuna bay pick up the daughter and brother in-law by that time it was 3 pm headed out towards Gunyah point to fish the end of the run in tide and wait for the run out tide but the wind was blowing us around all over the place. we did manage to catch a small Barracuda we are calling it after that the wind got to much so we headed for the shelter of Jerusalem bay for nothing only very small snapper. Head to Fishermans beach for the night tried for squid for about an hour only managed to get one while we were fishing we kept hooking blue swimmer crabs one male and two female went back full of eggs. After a beer or two the wife said that is it get the crab traps out me and the daughter will go and put them out so off they went out goes four traps and a lot of laughing watching the wife handling the tender rowing the traps out left the traps out all night with mullet in them. Sunday got up 7:30 sent the wife and daughter back out to get the traps managed to get six more crabs to female went back After getting the crab back in and in the pot ready for lunch we headed to middle bank dropped the anchor sent out the lines with pilchards and prawns on them and one with the squid we caught after a few hours of not much the squid line goes off and the fight with this big weight begins swimming from side to side no fight just a lot of weight after about 20 min up comes the biggest port Jackson shark I have ever seen. if you look close at its top fins looks like someone has chopped off the spikes that are on them I think I might have to claim the spot for the biggest port Jackson shark caught on bait 119 cm on the brag mat All in all a top weekend out on the boat
  2. ian_naughty

    Hairies are on

    The last 4 weekend we have found them on and the schools are big as long as you can keep the bait up to them they will stay around but when you get a boat full of hairies and teeth trying to eat you it is very hard to keep the bait in the water and then they are gone have to wait till they return even with burly they don't stay I will be back out on Saturday night having a go again in the cold cold night. Ian
  3. ian_naughty


    What no FR well that's it I'll have to get the boat out and get out there and catch a fish or two instead of sitting at the computer reading about all the fish you lot have caught lol
  4. ian_naughty

    Akuna bay boat ramp closed till 21 october

    I was down there today and it is still a mess Ian
  5. If anyone is planning on using this boat ramp the small car park has been all dug up and the sign says will not reopen till 05 of November changed from the 18 of october I was down there on Sunday small car park and ramp all fenced off Ian
  6. ian_naughty

    ID this fish (spotted bigeye)

    sorry guys was still on the boat wouldn't let me do the photo but still up loaded the post lol
  7. ian_naughty

    ID this fish (spotted bigeye)

    Caught in the Hawksbury
  8. ian_naughty

    Hawkesbury weekend

    After a long, Sh#t day at work on Friday, I headed straight out to the boat to meet the missus at Akuna Bay. Decided to start fishing straight away on the Friday night (well, who wouldn't want to start fishing straight away, let's be honest!) Man it was on like donkey kong! Caught several yellow-tail for some fresh bait in hope to catch some big ones! Reeled in several empty hooks, only of which the head remained, I was confused and needed to know what on earth was having a go at my gear! Was almost tempted to hang the rod up all together and go to bed, but then, we managed to finally hook a hairtail! Not long after we hooked another one! What a successful night catching some beautiful fish! Woke up early Saturday, on the water, the best way to wake up! Headed out to Patonga, another successful day of CATCHING - I repeat CATCHING, a full load of Bream and Flathead! I won't lie, I'll be eating a fisherman's basket tonight! Finally Sunday, by the way who ever said Sunday was the lazy day! Another full catch from the ocean, stingrays, hammerhead sharks, Jewfish, leather jackets, taylor, squid, and even more Bream and more Flathead! Maybe next time the Jewie will be legal size! What a top weekend! Who was the idiot that made Monday the start of the working week?