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  1. Might see if there's any room left up the bay.
  2. Hey all, Wonderful night out on the water tonight. Just sitting near the entrance to Jerusalem. So far though, no sign of anything. Would love to know if anyone else is having better luck! Cheers all
  3. Hey mate, Did you end up going out? I'm going to head out from broken Bay this Saturday assuming the forecast stays the same. Cheers
  4. Yeah, I was wondering how the recent weather was going to play out. With limited chances these days I guess I'll try when I can though. If you're not out there you are not much of a chance regardless. I'll send my report on fuel bill and fish.
  5. Hey all, Just wondering if there are any early reports of tuna off Sydney at the moment? It seems to be an interim stage at the moment but with the swell reports for the long weekend it's perfect for the trailer boat out wide. Otherwise I guess long reef for kings will be the go to for the weekend... Thoughts and exact gps marks always appreciated ??
  6. Thanks for that, I'll have a look for it when I get back to a computer.
  7. Hi all, I appreciate that people like to keep their spots secret but I am at my wits end. I've spent 20+ years catching small reds in the hawkesbury system and never a keeper. My best guess at the moment is to head offshore and drift across broken ground off the northern beaches...? No idea... Any tips or guidance would be greatly appreciated! Cheers MJ
  8. I didn't measure but the bigger one was probably 65cm ish.
  9. Yeah The important part is cutting out any of the remaining bloodline. Then you end up with those delicious 'loins' that you grilled there. Perfection!
  10. No, despite heading east the current dragged me down a bit further. If you know the depth contour lines around there, there is a a ridge that looks like a horseshoe between the 90m and 100m mark. I actually got a marlin around here last year.
  11. Yep, almost instantly one went across the middle line and then the second fish went through all of them. To finish my troll in I decided to only run two...
  12. So my fishing buddies decided to leave me on my lonesome on Sunday morning. With approval from the family to go out I decided to go solo. Put in at Apple Tree and thought I'd go check the swell to have a troll offshore. Magic conditions, even driving out through my least favourite Broken Bay. Decided to head due east and see what happens. I dropped some tuna skirts/feathers short out the back (still amazes me the one 3m from the back of the boat gets hit first every time) and a bigger skirt way out the back in around 40m of water. Beautiful water past 50m and for about 5 minutes I ha
  13. So I figured that I should provide an update on the day out on Tuesday. I was able to take out some clients for a fish (perks of being in sales) and the weather and conditions just turned it on! Started at Roseville nice and late around 10:30 and headed out to quarantine head and within 20 minutes had the first king on board. Hung around there for a while and flicked some lures to watch the school kings chasing hard. The guys decided that the sea was too flat to stay inside so we headed out to have a look for surface feeders. Heading out through the heads and there was A LOT of bait
  14. It's actually the 625 outsider. A little bit older but keen eye.
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