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  1. Thanks Stewie and Donna great seeing you again ,sorry for not being there for breckie this morning we had to take off too many things to do but it was great fun all night and it wasn't too cold. It's a great social event congratz to the winners and sponsors :-)
  2. Looking forward to catching a few hairies But finding it hard to get the bloody Livies
  3. See you all in the am we should get there around 10am... .Looking forward to meeting everyone
  4. great post harold AAA+++
  5. nice looking king , great work again guys
  6. botany bay heads sun chasing kings and bonnies
  7. I dont think fishraider is stagnating i think fishing itself is getting harder to catch anything decent to put in a post. my last 2 outings to the bay have resulted in 2- 40 cm flattys not post worthy this summer seems a lot quieter than previous years
  8. great read mike , waiting for some decent kings to show up in the bay
  9. did you hook up on the kingy at molineux point
  10. col35

    Hell Night

    good karma will come your way after doing a good deed , better luck next time
  11. what sized kings do you usually get at the yellow markers stew ?
  12. cheers for the replies guys , we always have being using calamari but i guess a squid is a squid
  13. sorry for being a bit naive peeps but we seem to have come across a good arrow squid situation and was wondering do kingfish have a preference to them or calamari. Cheers