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  1. Hey Rob, Wonderfull place down there isn't it. My olds have a place right round the corner. I used to jump off a swing into the water about 100 meters away from you. Did you see the big mama sting ray that often shows off around there?
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    My New Toy

    minor edit on the top post guy's. just wanted to say thankyou to a few others
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    My New Toy

    Last night my fiance and I had our house warming and engagement party. I was wondering why she was trying to get me out of the house during the day. Any wayz, halfway through the party my mate came and dragged away from the party and my fiance decided to give a little speech and then told me to close my eyes as she had got me a little present to show me how much she loves me. I opened my eyes to find this........ Its a VIKING PROFISH 45 and its awsome!!!!! as you can see i'm pretty happy.I've wanted one for a very long time and my baby bought me one. So a big thankyou to you michelle. I love you very much Also I'd like to give a big thankyou to Peter from GO FISH at dural for being so helpfull to my fiance during the whole process. He took the time to help her out when alot of places wouldn't. I'll be down there to see you soon.
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    mate i crossed it a few weeks ago and F@#K its cold! Thought I was going to get frost bite on my feet once past half way
  5. Top report Netic. keep em coming
  6. Well done mate Nice catch
  7. I used to use fireline alot in the smoke colour. Just thought this stuff was supposed to be the goods. And I've got suffix glow something something on my 1000 egg beater and I love it, so I thought this gold stuff would be better...... guess not
  8. That was an exellent read mate. awsome kingy, sorry bout your outfit though
  9. thanks magoo, I'll give it a go
  10. Hey guy's I've just recently put some new line on my abu 5500 outfit (sufix gold 15lb) and for some reason every time I pulled my line out of the water my leader would some how manage to twist around and around about fifty times round my main line, and this is seriously affecting my hook up rate. I use a crane swivel attached to my mainline and my leader's are usually pre rigged to save time, and if attaching a sinker I use those bomb style sinkers with the swivel at the tip of the sinker which I attach to the crane. usually most of my rigs in my bag have pretty heavy lines on them (50lb up to 80lb) as they are mainly used for my TLD 25. All leaders are quality leader material, as are my hooks and swivels. Not cheap crap I tried changing crane swivels to my other ball bearing ones. I shortened my leader, lengthened my leader. Cutting my strip bates into a triangle shape to help it cut through the water. Changed sinker weight. Changed hooks. And it still does it. I don't think its my rig's because this rod is the only one it happens to and only ever since I put this line on it. It only seems to happen when my bait is fairly lite. If I put a whole squid on its ok but still does it a little. But if I run a strip bait or prawn or something light its just crazy how bad it gets. The only thing that helped it was when I changed my rig to a 30lb type and let the line out VERY slow. My mate uses the same rigs, rod and reel as I and he doesn't get this problem but he has Fins 15lb braid on his. Any body else using sufix gold and getting this problem with an overhead. Please guy's if anybody can help me out with this it would help me prove to my mate that I'm the better fisherman that catches more fish. LOL
  11. headed out to middle harbour for some afternoon fun with my mate pete. First we tried to get a few yakkas up but didn't get a thing as i've never tried and didn't really know where to get them so decided to go round to the markers with some squid I had left from my outing with miller, but the water was a little to choppy for my liking as I am still a novice boater and don't have too much experiance in the chop. After a really long U turn we headed back in, found a spot and anchored up.We threw out a bit of berley and were using squid and some prawns and pilli's my mate had in his freezer. For some reason whenever pete and I go out we don't seem to get a thing especially when pete pull's his over head combo out that just never gets a fish. But this curse was about to be broken bang pete was on and up came a little bream. "Hey hey" we both screamed. "we broke the curse!" On again, and again and again till the score was five bream each and just about time to head home. We decided to give it one more go with one last bait to see who got the most fish. Pete ended up with a crappy little mangled looking cocktail prawn and I got a beautiful looking, well presented prawn. I was the sure winner. I picked up the bucket and through out the rest of the bait and cleaned the bucket. I looked up and pete's rod had doubled over with two of the top eyelets sticking in the water. Pete jumped up, got his rod out of the holder, nearly lost the rod in the water, then pete nearly went in the water and this fish was off in a real hurry peeling 6kg worth of drag off the reel like it was nothing. I must admit, it was pretty funny . after about 5mins pete had this fish close but not close enough. we saw the tip of the swivel about to come out of the water, next minute the fish hooked it left straight to the back of the boat, and around the prop, then SNAP. We all know the words that were used at this point. I continuously slapped pete in the head after that effort. I dropped my line back in the water and in no time at all up came another bream so the final score was me six, and pete 5
  12. I went for an arvo session. tried to get round middle head but it was way too choppy for me. We came back inside and got 11 bream then got busted off by something big enough to pull 6kg drag. All fish were thrown back
  13. headed out to middle harbour straight after work with miller. got to the ramp at 7:30 and headed straight out to start gathering squid. It was a bit hard at first due to the tides changing but managed about 20 squid by 11:00 so off to bed. Miller got a good nights sleep and I got bugger all as millers snoring is loud enough to wake the dead. Got up at about 4:30 to gather some more squid this time we wanted some green eyes. I was squiding then thought, time for a smoke. Put my rod in the holder, got my smokes out, went to light it then my rod doubles over. "hey hey" I says. Grab my rod and holy crap it was heavy. Got him up and it was way to heavy to lift out of the water so out came the net. An easy 1.5 to 2 kilo for sure. Once the sun came up it was a beautiful sight to see how flat the water was. Headed to spot x, spot y, spot z and so forth. Downrigging, and dropping off the sides, drifting and so forth with not even a peck. We headed back in to cook some breakfast. As per usual, miller starts cook and his rod decides to double over halfway the bacon and egg rolls with no sauce thanks to miller . Up he gets, rod in hand,smoke in his mouth, fighting a fish that thought it could out do a shimano torsa . I yelled "is it a king, is it a king" "don't think so, its shaking his head too much" next minute miller pulled up a samson or an amber jack, one of the two. I'll let the viewers decide hey. off we went in the hope for a king with no luck tried a few other places and managed a nice little flattie at 30 something cm and then a nice bream back at the ramp headed for home at 12 with the total score of miller 3 me 0 but hey........ beats workin I'll get the pics up over the next couple of days