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  1. josamill

    Kingfish Advice

    Been catching lots of son caught a 63cm (released) Kingfish with one on Saturday. He was drifting in 8-10m with the squid weighed down to the bottom - obviously it worked on that fish, but I just wasn't confident we were doing it right. I'm never quite sure what the best bet is. Assuming you know you are in a spot where Kingies come past - it's on their beat - but you can't see them on a sounder, where and how is the bait best presented? Sinker? Any advise appreciated!
  2. josamill

    Malabar Flathead there on!!

    I fish for flathead off Broken Bay. Had a session in July where all 15 fish we caught were over 47cm. This quality continued for a while. My last 2 trips to 30m & 40m during Jan/Feb we couldn't find a legal fish. 30+ fish - all really tiny. I'm guessing it must be seasonal.
  3. josamill

    Beach Worms

    Hi Mate - Around Tuross Heads, Bingie, Potato Point is all I know - good down there!
  4. Hi - 3 x dads looking to take 3 x 14 year old sons fishing next year. I'm wondering if anyone can recommend somewhere that offers great fishing, good guides & boats, basic comfortable accommodation and meals - and again.....great fishing! Target inshore - barra, mangrove jack, threadfin & Offshore - GTs, queenfish, Spanish mackeral, fingermark etc. All 6 people keen and experienced fishos. Leaving Sydney, so Qld or NT best - WA/Kimberley too far/expensive. I know there are lots of options so would appreciate any recommendations. Thanks Ian
  5. josamill

    Blue Spot Flathead

    Great idea re the jig!!
  6. josamill

    Blue Spot Flathead

    Hi - Thanks for your comments and questions - We only use lures & plastics inshore for dusky flathead - Pittwater, Broken Bay, Tuross River etc. Fishing in 50M I use an appropriate snapper dropper & 2 hooks - paternoster rig - & squid or pillies. Tried plastics - they work too, but not quite as well I don't think, and we are really out there just trying to grab dinner so looking for efficiency. People say use flathead for bait - it works, but if they are there, so does anything. Back out Saturday morning after a week of fish tacos.
  7. josamill

    Blue Spot Flathead

    40 meter mark Northern Beaches last weekend - 56cm was the biggest - only fished for an hour as mate got queasy. Plump fish - very tasty! Lot's of seals out there.
  8. josamill

    Blue Swimmers n Muddy

    I never crabbed for years because of the 'months with an 'r' fable - saw a guy in Pittwater 4 Winters ago with 3 beautiful blue swimmers and have had success since.
  9. Hi - I'm a keen saltwater fisherman. Never fished a freshwater impoundment in my life. My son an I are heading to Burrendong Lake near Mudgee over Easter for some camping. I'll be towing a 4.5M tinny with electric bow mount etc. Any suggestions on 'how' to fish a body of water like this appreciated! I haven't got a clue!!
  10. josamill

    Bonnies and Tailor - Barrenjoey

    Pittwater alive with bonito & kingfish yesterday and this morning (Monday). Careel Bay.
  11. josamill

    Hot session on Flathead

    That's a great session. Our last effort in Pittwater was dead, but the time before we caught 9 flatties. They just seem to fire up sometimes. If the poddy mullet are around - and I haven't checked since April - they are easy to catch in the Careel Bay shallows in knee deep water. I always allow an hour - sometimes you have 20 livies in 15 minutes - other times it takes longer to lure them in and then gain their trust! If I'm patient and keep berleying, they almost always turn up - not in Winter or early Spring though. Over the years I have noticed a pattern where I would go down there towards the end of the rising tide, but they wouldn't really 'play ball' until the tide started receding. This happened enough times that I now get my poddy mullet about an hour after high tide. There is also a way I was shown to bait the trap by an old boy 20 years ago that increased speed and success. Just chucking a bit of bread in there is not ideal.
  12. josamill

    Happy Hawkesbury

    Well dressed boat!
  13. josamill

    Chasing Bust Ups in Sydney + Video

    Quality report! Fantastic to share this - thank you!! If I could add one suggestion, it would be to approach the school with some care, which most people do. Cut the engine 40-50 meters away and let the wind or tide carry you into the school........nothing worse than over-excited anglers charging the school then wondering why it disappeared.
  14. josamill

    Fish ID please

    challenge to Fishraider sleuths. Friend of mine caught this fish in the Whitsundays last week. Terrible photo quality I know, but he is curious to know what it may be. Any ideas anyone?
  15. josamill

    First king on plastics!

    Quality fish - especially on plastics...... Well done mate!