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  1. Piss'n'Broke

    Hows the Harbour or Botany bay fishing? 19/05/2018

    My brother was out yesterday in Sydney Harbour. He managed 8 rats & 1 legal at 68cm. Dan
  2. Piss'n'Broke

    Baitrunner Vs Other reels

    I went off the shimano btr's after they introduced the newer model after the B's. I think they are called the LC's, and OC's. I don't own a LC however a few mates do and all they have had is constant problems, to the point that they have set aside these rod and reel combo's for "newbies" on there boats. I cant fault my thunnus's, have landed kingys to 78cm on them, and jews to 80cm. With the right rod they are a much more versatile than the shimano BTR B's, and lighter. I have mine on a gomoku PE1-3 with 20lb braid,, I love the combo, can flick squid jigs, bottom bounce for flathead, and can chase small jews and kings. Dan
  3. Piss'n'Broke

    Baitrunner Vs Other reels

    Great reels for chasing jews. I have two 4500b's, my brother has five 4500b's (3 of which are brand new in their boxes still), and I also have a couple of 4000's thunnus's Dan
  4. Piss'n'Broke

    Jervis Bay

    Many thanks Rev. Got it. Just responded, I hope they are still there next week. Dan
  5. Piss'n'Broke

    Jervis bay kings 3-2-18

    Nice fish. Looks like Middle Grounds from the picture. Dan
  6. Piss'n'Broke

    Jervis Bay Kings as well

    Hi The Rev, myself & my brother are heading down there Friday week for 8 days. Just wondering if the kings are at Point Perp? Any info you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Dan
  7. Piss'n'Broke

    Dollies at the FAD

    Hey mate, I found plenty of traps out there when I last went wide 2-3 weeks ago. But they were a reasonable way out, with most only being a couple of Km's inside the shelf. Dan Speaking to a mate who fished them the other week, they are still there and holding good size (90cm+) dollies tho the current was pushing hard south and only the last of the 3 buoys on the tag rope was visible.
  8. Piss'n'Broke

    Middle harbour

    Hey Abs, Tunks Park along with most of the ramps in Sydney is a #@$%fight on the weekend especially when its a hot day with good weather,,, a word of advice, we launch out of Tunks,, my brother puts his boat in a 10-11pm the night before chasing squid, and picks me up at 330-4am, if I were you launching solo, launch that extra hour earlier around 430am or just before, especially with daylight savings. As come 5am when we have live baits down you cant count the amount of boats flooring it out of the ramps from both Tunks park, and Roseville. Dan
  9. Piss'n'Broke

    Why cannot find any bait fish and squid?

    Bait will always hold near, or close to structure for protection. Armpits, usually baitfish like to feed on dawn or dusk to avoid being eaten by predators during daylight hours or at night when the toothies come out. So at night it will be nearly impossible to spot baitfish. My advice try the hour before and after sunset/sunrise for baitfish, i.e. yakka's, slimies, gar's. As for squid, good luck,, they may be there, they may not be, but they might only switch on for a hour to feed, then shut down. I have squidded at Balmoral 100's if not 1000's of times for the last 20 years for countless hours for not even a single grab, or a pulled tentacle. Move around as others have mentioned, but don't be surprised if they come on the chew after you leave,,,, this is the worst!!!!! Dan
  10. Piss'n'Broke

    Jervis Bay

    Hey all, heading down to Jervis bay in a couple weeks,,,, wondering if anyone has any reports of the kings turning up there yet? Going to chase some squid out of Murrays, and the old fall back flathead if the kings aren't on the bite yet? Many thanks Dan
  11. Piss'n'Broke

    Thin Mono

    I use Super 100, its a great line, thin enough to feel bites in 50metres of water. If you want thinner mono you can go to Platypus low stretch its a touch thinner than Super 100, but I've had very bad experiences with it mind you it was the 8kg low stretch which I've been informed is basically the 6kg low stretch rebadged as 8kg with the exception of being 0.05mm thicker. Dan
  12. Piss'n'Broke

    Sydney out and about

    The yakka's are still at the centurion and the inshore reefs, & wrecks, but you want to catch them by first light. Ie if you don't have any by 5am your in for a hard days fishing.
  13. Piss'n'Broke

    Jervis Bay 19th Nov

    Hey Rosswab, no joy with the PM I sent you? Dan
  14. Piss'n'Broke

    boat limitations?

    Pick your days and you will be fine, I've taken 4.2m tinnies out to the FAD's (Sydney) and fish traps, 3.55m tinny out past the heads up to longy. Its all about caring more for your safety and passengers than the fish, so if it looks abit fickle don't do it and er on the side of caution. I reckon your boat would be fine for the FAD's only a few months back I was with a mate and we took his 4.75m out to 12 Mile no problems, so take it slow and choose your days. Dan
  15. Piss'n'Broke

    Jervis Bay 19th Nov

    PM sent.