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  1. How you been mate? When has the weather put you off fishing Dan
  2. Thanks EVERYONE for the info . I didn't expect so much feedback, its been great to read everyone's input, as you have all made my mind up for me I'll be going out this weekend for them. Dan
  3. Thanks mate. I know they are a fickle fish to target. In both regards, seasonal,, sometimes they turn up, sometimes they don’t. I appreciate your help, might give it a few weeks & try for them. Dan
  4. Hi All. With the kings and dollies starting to thin out,, I was considering chasing hairtail as it is that time of the year. Just wondered if anyone has tried for hairtail yet and if they had any success? Not after your spots, as I have my own, just wanted to know if they are about yet. Many thanks Dan
  5. I recently got annoyed with wasting fish thru filleting fish with garbage knives 🔪. So I did about a research. Bought a heap of chef’s/butchers filleting knives. Primarily mundial knives & wostoff. They are a dream to work with. Only a week ago, filleted 3 kings, a flathead and a dory. Had them all done in a total of 5mins. My brother who’s a ex chef of 10+yrs said it was the the best & fastest filleting I’ve ever done without missing any meat! So I’d say forget the filleting knives from tackle shops,,, buy professional knives they are worth it. Dan
  6. Thanks Adem, never really had much luck chasing snapper in Jervis Bay. Probably due to my lack of patience hahhah and having to carry so much berley. Dan
  7. Thanks Toiler, appreciated that. Id like to take you up on the offer of a crew but its my brothers boat, and its only a 4.2m tinny. Tho if for any reason I don't fish a day with my brother I'll let him know of your offer. Dan
  8. Thanks for that. I usually grab a few squid just off Murray’s boat ramp? Dan.
  9. Hey everyone. Heading down to Jervis Bay this Friday for 2 weeks with my brother & parents for our first family holiday in 20years. Just wondering if anyone has been getting any kings inside the bay or outside? Not looking for particulars, just asking if they are about? Many many thanks for reading this. Going to try for squid for a feed if the kings aren’t about. worse case scenario fall back on the ever reliable flathead drift. Cheers. Dan
  10. Thanks Green Hornet for the heads up. Did a quick count today, Ive got just over 50 squid jigs, and my brother has over 80+ squid jigs, all yammies or zori's... just hope this is enough and the bloody jackets don't turn up.
  11. Very quite in Middle Harbour today, missed two runs on XOS Yakkas to kings, otherwise dead. Whereas the week before we went thru 25+ yakkas in 2 hours to rats, a couple of big bust offs, a reddie at 52cm, and missed a couple runs to jews (yakkas came up crushed and covered in pin holes). Only one king came last week to squid. Otherwise yakkas and slimies have been doing the damge Dan
  12. Hi All. Heading to Jervis Bay with my brother for 10 days after Anzac Day. Was wondering if anyone has been getting a few kings "inside" the bay ie Point Perp, Middle Grounds, Longnose etc? Not after specific locations, just info if they are still around in numbers? As want to minimise the amount of gear we take down if they aren't really about. Also any squid about at the moment? Should we take down extra jigs due to jackets biting you off? Last year at the same time we lost 22 jigs in 7 days, was a expensive BUT rewarding trip. Any info would be greatly appreciate, not after specifics just a general heads up if anyone has any info. A HUGGGGEEE thanks in advance to anyone that could shed some light on the situation down their at the moment. Happy Easter! Dan
  13. Thanks for that mate. Think I’ll just stay inside
  14. Heading down to Jervis in a couple weeks. Was just wondering if the FAD still has dollies on it? Otherwise I was going to just stay inside & chase kings, flathead & squid. Thanks. Dan.
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