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  1. lyons90

    Southern highlands

    Hey mate, Welcome! I can't help with a spot as I go further south to snowy mountains region. Just chiming in to note that all trout streams in NSW are closed for spawning season until 1st weekend of October.
  2. lyons90

    exploring new water

    Trout fishing in streams like that is the best way. I have a friend with trout streams (all rainbows that I have caught) through his property, in the top of the Brindabella ranges. Nothing better than going on an exploration mission and catching a fish too.
  3. lyons90

    Trailer repairs

    Same issue here.
  4. lyons90

    How to store caught fish?

    I do similar. I vac seal mine in salt water then freeze. I got a portable vac seal unit so I can do it all at the ramp.
  5. lyons90

    Handlining for Crabbing

    Would be better off grabbing 2 crab nets for $10-15 each and flick plastics around in between checking the nets. I have caught a few on rod before, but that was completely by chance.
  6. lyons90

    Fishing Charter

    I have had mixed experiences with charters, I have found some really put the work in on a quiet day to try and get fish on the deck, and others will float around, passing time, until the trip is over. 1 trip I was on in Hervey Bay was dead as all day, sounding plenty of fish, just not biting. The skipper kept trying different spots, different baits, lures, trolling, casting. He wanted a fish on the deck as much as the rest of us. Come the last hour, I finally hooked and landed a 16kg Golden Trevally. Even if I hadn't caught it, I appreciated the effort that went into the trip.
  7. lyons90

    Is this a good first boat?

    Best of luck with the inspection and keep us posted with the outcome
  8. lyons90

    Is this a good first boat?

    Certainly looks very tidy for the price. hopefully the inspector doesn't find any issues! What is the $2000 of work he is saying needs to be done?
  9. lyons90

    Is this a good first boat?

    Modern aluminium is a load better apparently, I still get sick, occasionally, on any hull if not actively distracting myself The older 2 strokes also don't help with the stomach.
  10. lyons90

    Is this a good first boat?

    All personal preference, lots of people don't like how aluminium rides. I prefer aluminum because it is easier and cheaper to repair, lighter to tow.
  11. lyons90

    Is this a good first boat?

    Something like this[Boatsales]%26BoatType%3D[Power])%26Price%3Drange[7500..10000])%26Usage%3D[Fishing])%26State%3D[Victoria])%26(((SiloType%3D[Dealer used boats]|SiloType%3D[Dealer new boats])|SiloType%3D[Private used boats])|SiloType%3D[Demo and near new boats]))&pso=0&pss=Premium would be a good unit as a first boat, in my opinion. Lighter to tow, roller trailer so it's easy to launch and retrieve, looks ready to rock
  12. lyons90

    Is this a good first boat?

    That's very neat! Are you only considering fiberglass ones?
  13. lyons90

    Where to Install Berley Pot?

    Do you have any local metal fab friends? If it were me, I would have a piece the same as the transducer mount welded on. Bunnings, or any local hardware store should have aluminium bolts.
  14. lyons90

    Where to Install Berley Pot?

    Get aluminium mounting hardware. Dissimilar metals + salt water, makes for a bad time
  15. lyons90

    Batemans Bay

    The name is deceiving, it isn't a snapper hot spot. Snapper Island is a decent bait ground though. Northeast side is the place to go. Have caught some decent flathead on the southeast side too. Need to be careful off exposed rock there, it comes out of nowhere.