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  1. As above, a run to the FAD should be a good option. If you have a look at the Navionics web app, you will see a large area called Sir John Young Banks NE of Beecroft head, that's a good spot to have a fish around. If you want to head a little south, and the kings are on, troll around point perpendicular. I might be there in the first week of Jan, or possibly Montague Island. Good luck!
  2. I would speak to the dealership about warranty coverage. If published specs of the car says 1.8t towing capacity and the gearbox blows when towing less than that, I would expect that would be covered.
  3. I have had a Hook-4 and Hook-7, both series 1. I have had no issues with either. In the depths you are fishing, I think you will be very happy with a Hook2-5
  4. I second Jackass Morwong, Nemadactylus macropterus.
  5. I considered going with a Phantom and fishing attachment but I decided to go with the Spark so that I can use it from the boat. It launches from my hand and is easy to land back in my hand, even with swell. The handy thing about being away from land is that most interference disappears. I have a lot of trust in the technology to the point I have intentionally dropped connections and tested different interference sources to see how it modifies behavior and have not had an issue in near 200 flights. I flew rc helicopters and planes 12ish years ago without fail-safes, gps or compas
  6. Mine is a small model so I can only do 2kms. Although on the water away from interference I may get further.
  7. I will post up any good pics or footage when I get it. There must be something to it, Raymarine are bringing out function in the Axiom to use the sounder screen for the drone view.
  8. I think there are many drones that have been sacrificed to line setting. Yes, the idea is to search for surface activity, objects floating in the water, shallow reef. So far I have been successful in finding a school of whiting in the manning river and trout in streams around Canberra. I still use a chartplotter,this is just another excuse for another toy ? and is definitely not evidence based.
  9. Nice looking boat! Looks to be an early Fishabout.
  10. Hi all, Does anybody here use a drone when searching for spots? If so, post up some pics. I have a small dji spark specifically for this purpose. I have used it mostly over trout streams but I am trying to use it on the boat more. Problem being I generally fish Jervis bay, which is all restricted airspace, so I am planning to fish Eden or Sydney some more. I got out at Batemans bay on the weekend just past, but my 5 year old onboard meant I couldn't get in the air for long. Here are a couple (compressed to upload) horizon shots without the polarizing lens.
  11. lyons90


    Have you considered an aluminium trailer? I will send you a pm with the name of a company I have been looking at for a new trailer. Very reasonably priced for aluminium, and from standard they have torsion axles
  12. Hey mate, Welcome! I can't help with a spot as I go further south to snowy mountains region. Just chiming in to note that all trout streams in NSW are closed for spawning season until 1st weekend of October.
  13. Trout fishing in streams like that is the best way. I have a friend with trout streams (all rainbows that I have caught) through his property, in the top of the Brindabella ranges. Nothing better than going on an exploration mission and catching a fish too.
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