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  1. most likely poddy mullet swimming near the jetty, chuck some bread out to get them into a feeding frenzy and then use a small hook with a bit of bread on it. I have adapted my mullet technique slightly so that I get them into a feeding frenzy and i have a small hook with some cotton on it, throw it near the bread and they grab it without knowing the difference. This is still a new technique for me but seems to work well and gets rid of the annoying having to re bait all the time when they manage to pull the bread off and not get hooked. The poddy mullet definitely flash silver.
  2. I must be lucky, my missus comes to BCF with me and picks out soft plastics and the like, and is always saying what about this and this etc. She wants to come out on the boat pretty bad but cant atm coz of a work injury which she just had surgery for.
  3. The chomp in half is normally something like Tailor. And agreed i hope those where released, just wish people would realise those monsters need to go back as they are the breeding fish. We saw the head of an absolute monster flattie near the boat ramp we launch at, going by the size of the head this fish would have easily cracked the metre mark and it wasn't released, very sad.
  4. Yeah my brother pulled one in while I was up there fishing with them last year. Big bastard to, have a photo of it somewhere.
  5. Caught a 60cm salmon at Dee Why beach. My brother and his mate fish there regularly, and have been spooled twice by something pretty big.
  6. Not sure if this is old, but just heard on the radio that 2 men where caught with 114 tailor in lake illawarra where found guilty and have to pay fines of $4000 each. The legal limit is of course 20 per person. Seriously $4000 isn't enough, they knew damn well what they where doing.
  7. Yeah it can be heart breaking but that's fishing. And dont worry we always have 2 bait runners in the water while we are drifting and flicking soft plastics, my brother had a big hit on his and he had left his drag on to tight after getting snagged the previous drift, fish still managed to pull line before it spat the hook. The up side is we managed to mind a few new drifts that really produced some fish and a lot of hits. Which was very nice after the last few disappointing trips, constantly learning where to fish and what seems to work so yeah.
  8. Nice flattie, you out did us as well best we managed was 51.5cm but had a frustrating day as we hooked up on some heavy fish that managed to spit the hook close to the boat. One thing though, i wasn't overly impressed with the mat as they say you HAVE to line the fish up with the '0' mark on the mat. There was no 0 mark, and i cant really tell from your photo if your mat was the same, but the black lines started slightly in from the end of the mat and that is where 0 was, not the edge of the mat (i even used a ruler to check it lol) so my photo has the fish lined up with that first black line
  9. Interesting and frustrating day on the water, brother and I both landed 3 flatties each, and both hooked up another 3 or 4 each and had them spit the hook close to the boat, a couple of them were heavy fish to, anyway thats fishing though. Best fish for me was a 51.5cm flattie which is also my PB flattie lol so cant complain to much about that. Saw a few people out there with the Pirtek hats, and also saw a few of them with keeper nets with fish in, which isn't really in the spirit of the comp. And we saw one of those boats back at the boat ramp cleaning 3 flatties, and to make things even wo
  10. Was hoping bream would be in there, but oh well. Give it a crack and hopefully catch a few fish, doubtful we will get anything close to top 3 worthy but should be fun.
  11. Pretty pathetic if you ask me, but i guess its the same as cops. It all depends on who catches you, what mood they are in, if they have met there quota yet and how you speak to them. Im not saying these old fellas would have been rude or nasty etc to warrant the lines being taken. But get a fisheries officer after he has had a fight with his missus etc and chances are he will be a dick to deal with. Its sad and it shouldn't even come into the equation but it does. Some serious common sense needs to be used when enforcing these laws. Was a while ago but i heard about a couple of guys that go
  12. Awesome catch mate, congrats. And yeah you never know what weird and wonderful baits they will go for, i had a super poddy on my hook on sunday, had him on there for at least an hour with no touches and he was still fighting me when i would bring him up lol. To the point where i am starting to believe he was fending off all the fish. As for the tailor never look past a good tailor fillet, my brother caught one up at Stockton beach filleted it and sent a piece out, was onto a jewie within a 5 minutes. And we had been fishing that spot with pillies for well over 1.5 hours.
  13. You must have been near the mouth, we fished further up river. I think we will try closer to the mouth next time as the dirty water at the start was horrible.
  14. Great report and awesome fish mate, well done.
  15. Headed down to the Shoalhaven on Sunday for an early morning low tide on a 96% full moon and ended with a very frustating session. My brother had 2 flatties spit the hooks about a metre from the boat I had 2 poddies bitten off just behind the head so missed the hooks, we both had 2 pulled clean off the hooks, as well as a few live prawns taken with no hook ups. VERY FRUSTRATING. It was also slow on the outgoing tide as the water was still very dirty, starting to wonder if its ever going to clean up lol. When the tide turned though the water immediately looked a lot cleaner and the missed
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