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  1. james1990

    Any news PHGFC tourney?

    amazing photos wise one, who was the photographer?
  2. james1990

    Top day tossing

    i didn't know what to expect after reading this thread title - well done!
  3. james1990

    Botany Bay SCHNAPPER

  4. james1990

    Ikado squid jigs

    hey all, i scored some new squid jigs which look pretty awesome, Ikado 101. I think they are by Rapala (so must be good). Has anyone tried them yet? i might give them a go this afternoon if i get the chance. thanks, James
  5. james1990

    Can you buy Boney Bream?

    he'll feed them whatever they will eat, but where do i get it? James
  6. james1990

    Can you buy Boney Bream?

    hi all, a friend has just stocked a dam of theirs and they want to stock it with some bass & cod etc. but the problem is the fish wont have anything to feed on. he then thought of stocking it with boney bream first to get a natural food source happening but he has not found where to get boney bream from (aquarium, wherever it doesnt matter). can someone suggest something? thanks James.
  7. james1990

    Stella 20000 Which Rod To Buy?

    your intial suggestion Poddy is too light for the size of the reel being purchased. a 20000 size reel is far better suited to 50lb or 80lb braid for heavy fishing like cubing or trolling as you suggested, a 10-15kg rod would better suit a reel around the 8000-10000 size. in this case stick to a short, heavy rod with a medium taper. The okuma VSystem jig rods would be ideal as they are only 5' long and either in 24-37 or 37-60kg models, solid sticks. Not one of those fancy "japanese brands", but one of the greats IMO if you are looking for quality, comfort and reliability over brand name. James.
  8. james1990

    107Cm King On 6Kg Tackle

    in my experience, a very healthy 1m king is about 8-9kg. Agree this isn't 15kg, but it could be 10-12 if it was in really good condition. James
  9. james1990

    Botany Bay Monday, Wheres The Fish?

    unlucky buddy - keep at it!
  10. james1990

    Whitesands Comp

    Major Prize winners were as follows: CAPTURE 1. Most Meritorious Game Fish- Andrew Clark from Fishing World with a 32.8kg YFT 2. Heaviest Shark- Todd Morley from Run-a-muck with a 172.4kg Mako 3. Heaviest YFT to Paul Orchard from INXS with a 41.2kg YFT 4. Heaviest other Game fish to Josh Hay from Impulsive with a 78.4kg Big Eye Tuna 5. Champion Junior- Josh Hay from Impulsive 6. HIGHEST POINT SCORE BOAT- Run-a-muck Tag and Release 1. Highest Point Scoring Male Angler to Cliff Lipscombe from Trust in Dreams 2. Highest Point Scoring Lady Angler to Elspith Finney from Double D 3. Highest Point Scoring Junior to Josh Hay 4. Highest Point Scoring Small Fry to Mike James from Illusion 5. Most Marlin Tag and Release Boat to Trust in Dreams with 1. 6. Most Sharks Tag and Release Boat to Grey Hounder with 7 (I think) 7. Most YFT Tag and Release to Angie II with 7 8. Highest Point Scoring Boat Grey Hounder Total Tallies 171 Anglers 48 Boats 180 Species recorded 67 YFT Total 55 YFT Tagged 12 Captured 1 x 78.4 KG Big eye Tuna Pending Record for Junior on 37kg 1 Marlin tagged, several lost 28 Mako Sharks Total 19 Makos Tagged 9 makos Captured 1 Dolphin fish weighed, several caught and kept for tucker. James
  11. james1990

    Some Dollies Off Sydney

    nice work Netic - what skirts and divers did the damage? James
  12. james1990

    Who Is This?

    i heard it was on a peeled prawn, under como bridge?
  13. james1990

    Jijgging Outfit

    +1 for Okuma Salina II, i've got one and it is great guns! - you should be able to get the 16000 which puts out over 20kg of drag for about $350 locally. Don't buy these overseas though. a friend of mine did and the SS internals of the Aussie versions were not evident in the O/S versions and the bearings went quick. get what ya pay for. James.
  14. james1990

    Woolooware Bay 23/10/10

    well done on the Rapala XR4 lures - i'll be giving mine a shot this weekend in between the squid fishing I think. James
  15. james1990

    Rapala Xrap 4Cm

    depends where you go cut_loose. RRP is apparently $19.95 or thereabouts. SidFisher, I don't know anyone special, but i have no problem paying good money for good lures.