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  1. chr42is

    Frozen Steering

    Thanks fellow Fishraiders. did as you suggested and now all is working fine. This is the best site
  2. chr42is

    Frozen Steering

    I had to leave the boat out of the shed whilst moving house and now find the steering has seized. It is the cable from wheel to engine that is solid. Any advice on how to free steering up. I have disconnected the arm from the push/pull bar and engine turns fine. So how do I sort this out Plz? Boat is 455 Stacer Kingray 50 hp Merc.
  3. Have a look at this ,might help Cheers chris
  4. chr42is

    Outboard upgrade

    I had a 335 dart, and found that after fitting a casting deck, elec. motor + battery that 15HP was not enuf. Swapped it for a20HP Yamaha ($1000 + 15 HP Yamaha) and all good. Had to put about 60mm spacer under the new motor to get it to the correct height on the transom.
  5. As no one has posted here,s my thoughts. I had a 15HP twin 2stroke Yamaha on a Dart I bought it 2nd. hand an ran it for years It never had a problem. 2 pulls from cold(first to fill C case) then first pull every time. Not sure about a 10 year old 4 stroke??
  6. Hi Raiders, My Q is what to use on the downrigger if you have no livers or squids.? IE what lures, plastics et al all info gratefully received. Thanks Chris
  7. Thanks Pieka, went straight out to shed and moved bracket to near driver seat, damn why I not thought this before?
  8. I use a double Albrite knot 9 up 7 back works for me. I pack all ready made rigs in zip money bags.
  9. locodave,s right, in this weather I take mine for a drive around the block to turn the wheel bearings, Then run the donk for 10 in the garden then back in the garage. My fishing club has renamed my boat ETERNAL FLAME it never goes out.
  10. SMS your address and I,ll come round and give you a hand eating that fish but hey well done
  11. Hi Raiders, FYI Marine Rescue Croudy/Harrington VMR 219 has changed it,s talk channel from VHF 72 to 73 as of 1July. So log on and be safe. For visiting boats give us a call, we could save you fuel cos we,ll know where they are. The weather has bin crap, but those that brave it the Snapper are here, legals a plenty and will only get bigger as the water cools.
  12. Stinkbait there,s no answer here. Save up and get a Lowrarce HDS Gen2. cos what you will get for $500 will disappoint, and you,ll be back in the market. My 2bobs.
  13. Mate, go for a 44lb Watersnake. They fit a nin Cota quick release bracket. Get long bolts(SS) and a box of 100SS washers fit it where you think its best and pack it up to level with the washers.
  14. hi Dan, I,m a bit North of Sydney but out of Crowdy the Wreck is at 31.53.845s / 152.45.690e On a good day it,s all on , bottom bashing with bait , flatties , try a jig! hold on Kingy will fool you. Here we like to rig a bit big because to see 300m of 20lb zoom off into the blue has happened too often .And the Snapper are about to come in ooh yea Good luck Chris
  15. chr42is

    mono Backing

    Thanks for answers guys, I spool the line from reels that the line comes on with a battery drill. I have a bolt 5" long two lock nuts and three plastic washers, these I can tighten to any tension. Put bolt in vice to spool on , put in drill to spool off. Works great. New reel should be here this week, in time for the Snapper season, yum yum.