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  1. we're getting heaps of photos from customers every few days, unfortunately I don't have much time to post them on here or even on our website anymore , anyway it's all good!
  2. Hey all, I got nothing to report myself but I got a report from a customer who got 2 small blacks and a nice Dollie a little while back on our lures around Norah Canyons. He said they hit patch of them and were hooking them up all over the place for around 2 hours, but most of them threw the hooks as marlin do! I have been hearing a few fishermen are getting marlin up in their spread but they are not taking anything, just looking. If that is the case you can try some of our lures, but make sure you fill them with bait, pillies, squid or stripped tuna, the bait inside might get them striking
  3. true, even big boats roll around if its rough enough agreed SBT fishing sucked this year, only a few YFT caught here and there and just a few BFT off Sydney. This was the first year in 4 yrs we didn't a get a BFT, that cold water didn't come up far enough. What do you do, blame god or global warming Anyway, that's fishing, who knows next year might be really a good season.
  4. that's a big boat it would handle the rough conditions, what type is it? I need to go fishing, I haven't been for around 6-7 weeks
  5. still jealous that's a big day, I might try to get an arvos trolling in this week, maybe Wednesday if I can find some time.
  6. thanks for the report, I'm still jealous, at least you got to go fishing I haven't been out for while now, too much freakin work, i'm over it. This weekend looks good, but I got not no time. Might try to get out there next week. Good luck to anyone heading out.
  7. yeah I know, the bonus for no fish is no clean up
  8. this is from today, this patch looks promising even for BFT, its goes 21.5 to 19, its just little bit too far for me, about 45NM from Sydney and looks about 35NM+ from Botany. If it moves north west about 10-15NM its within range, i might try to find a day next week, but I'll probably get crap weather just checked Monday is ok, the rest of the week is really crap, 3m+ and 30knot winds
  9. hope I am wrong, but I think the BFT have come and gone off Sydney. About 2 weeks ago only 2 or 3 BFT were caught off the Browns and other boats that got them were further south. Water off Sydney is 21.5 + in places which is high for BFT. But YFT and Albacore should still be around, they don't mind the warmer water, plus Dollies and marlin will be on the those temp breaks as well. I'd give it go if I had some time, you're a chance for anything the way the water is right now. Never know, there could be run of YFT still to come.
  10. yeah nice, i'm thinking of getting a pie oven on my boat now . Its perfect especially in winter.
  11. Sounds pretty good to me, I think a YFT for you guys would have been icing on the cake Jemfish, blueeye, calm weather and a pie oven. When you say pie oven, do you mean like a glass fronted oven like in a shop with pies inside ready to eat anytime or you have to cook them? Either way that's pretty awesome.
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