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  1. solid catch well done, that fish is called a "remora", they often hang of large rays and fish
  2. Dear Raiders, Have never been prawning but with the opportunity to give it a crack in coming weeks may well do so. I understand prawns are most active on the new moon when its darkest. However, i'll be missing the new moon and am wondering whether its possible to catch them with a brighter moon? eg. 30-60% full. Cheers
  3. +1 for the daiwa generation black, very crispy rods personally found the atomic arrows a little to soft and whippy hit up your local tackle shop and have a look and feel of what suits
  4. Blades can be better for working an area quickly and keeping contact with the bottom in deeper water/ rougher conditions. They are a really fun way to fish but are easily snagged up in structure and can be pricey. Plastics are more diverse and you can fish them in a lot more ways. Lightly weighted plastics allow you to impart quite a natural action with the lures, which tends to get better results. Plastics can also be slightly cheaper. It really depends on what you're chasing and the conditions, both have their place in the tackle box.
  5. I fished the camo blue spiderwire in 20lb for a while and wasn't a huge fan, faded quick and frayed easily. Tried the ultra cast in 30lb and was fantastic, cast well and super fine. So perhaps its there upper range lines that are more reliable, but i've heard good reviews all round and for the price its a solid option. However I pretty much just fish sunline PE the stuff suits me well, particularly the upper classer (20lb+).
  6. If you are working plastics and lures you dont want anything above 10 feet, with a 12 foot rod its difficult to impart a decent action on a lure (metal slugs aside) unless you've forked out large on a quality surf casting rod. A 12 foot rod would cast further then a 9-10 foot rod, but its far more comfortable to fish the shorter length. Plus 10 foot is decent enough length to keep your line out of the breaking surf in moderate conditions. The specifications between rods designed for lure use and bait use differ largely so if you are wanting something to suit both styles you will have to compromise somewhere: money, quality, uses. Generally beach rods designed for bait fishing are fibre glass (or a composite) which are great to whack in a rod holder but will exhaust your arms rapidly if throwing metals and plastics. In terms of braid 20lb is a solid start. Targeting flathead and tailor you wont have to worry about being busted off, particularly on the beach. I fish a daiwa 3000 with 8lb braid and a 3-5kg rod for large salmon and pretty much all the rest off the beach. The BG is a solid reel but a 5000 size may be a tad large for your applications, particularly if you are considering matching it with 9'6 aerowave. If you willing to fork out a little extra the Daiwa Lateo XH would fit your reel and bait/lure situation perfectly and some good sales around atm. Amazing rods, they are just pricey and you need to be careful with them, certainly not as robust as an uglystik.
  7. $100* cheaper than the EVOLV, not $100 sorry hahaha (i wish)
  8. Yeah cheers EnOz43 ended up getting the Palms Shore Gun F series XH considering they were a $100 cheap and built on the same blanks as the EVOLV Blue Runner. What reel do you match with your SFSGS- 103XHBL?
  9. Hi Fisher Folk, I recently had a terrible push biking + fishing rods accident that has left both my favourite rod and integrity shattered. As a result i'm looking for a new shore jigging rod to fill the void of my new made 5 piece Daiwa Lateo 11MH. It was a great rod, particularly the extra length (11ft) but looking for something slightly nicer and willing to spend around $300-500. Looking online its difficult to find many similar shore jigging style rods on the Australian market that offer similar quality or style. I have however come across and read promising things about the Palms Shore Gun series of rods, does anyone have any experience with these rods? Furthermore could anyone possibly suggest any other models that fit the same category, primarily looking for a heavier rods between 2-4 PE or 10-20KG at ideally around the 11 foot length. Ill be matching it up with my Daiwa Sol 2 4000H which ill add hasn't been nearly as impressive as the original Sol and rather disappointing in comparison. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, cheers. Finbar
  10. Cracker fish and report, but yeah eating fish out of the cooks river like f1shen mentioned should be a rarity. Its my local waterway and despite the good fishing the pollutant levels are extremely high from past/present industrial waste and its urban locality.
  11. Cracking fish! As good as it is to take a fish home for a feed seeing it swim off is by far the better feeling in my opinion. Wouldn't say it was enforcing views, its important to remember the longevity of the sport and conservation of fish species. Good to see the ocean having the final say haha
  12. Yeah i agree when fishing the rocks safety is key. I havent yet invested in a lifejacket, but i do wear a pair of old cricket spikes always, they play there part well haha. This weekends forecast looks excellent so should be fine, and hopefully crack into a few decent fish. Cheers for the safety tips and advice, greatly appreciated will let you know how i get on
  13. Cheers for the response Spykey, just wondering whether at little bay im best fishing the north or south side of the bay? Wanting to go out on Saturday because the weather looks very nice, thanks.
  14. Hi all, wondering if anyone could help by pointing me in the right direction of some decent Sydney rock locations, preferably between La perouse and Bondi but im willing to travel a little further south if need be. Wanting to target primarly bream, drummer, luderick, squid and smaller snapper with unweighted baits. I've been exploring via google maps, but, oh my the options seem endless, would be appreicated if someone can point me in the right direction. Feel free to send a pm if you would prefer, cheers
  15. Diawa > Shimano everyday of the week. I have a stradic Ci4 and a diawa sol, and the sol just trumps it in all the catergories. Its smoother, stronger and a pleasure to use, and imo the stradic just feels cheap. I say this because its body feels weak and plastic like, it bends under pressure and has a whirling sound when spun, its not even worth the $$$. Id go with a daiwa, but thats just my opinion:)