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  1. solid catch well done, that fish is called a "remora", they often hang of large rays and fish
  2. Dear Raiders, Have never been prawning but with the opportunity to give it a crack in coming weeks may well do so. I understand prawns are most active on the new moon when its darkest. However, i'll be missing the new moon and am wondering whether its possible to catch them with a brighter moon? eg. 30-60% full. Cheers
  3. +1 for the daiwa generation black, very crispy rods personally found the atomic arrows a little to soft and whippy hit up your local tackle shop and have a look and feel of what suits
  4. Blades can be better for working an area quickly and keeping contact with the bottom in deeper water/ rougher conditions. They are a really fun way to fish but are easily snagged up in structure and can be pricey. Plastics are more diverse and you can fish them in a lot more ways. Lightly weighted plastics allow you to impart quite a natural action with the lures, which tends to get better results. Plastics can also be slightly cheaper. It really depends on what you're chasing and the conditions, both have their place in the tackle box.
  5. I fished the camo blue spiderwire in 20lb for a while and wasn't a huge fan, faded quick and frayed easily. Tried the ultra cast in 30lb and was fantastic, cast well and super fine. So perhaps its there upper range lines that are more reliable, but i've heard good reviews all round and for the price its a solid option. However I pretty much just fish sunline PE the stuff suits me well, particularly the upper classer (20lb+).
  6. If you are working plastics and lures you dont want anything above 10 feet, with a 12 foot rod its difficult to impart a decent action on a lure (metal slugs aside) unless you've forked out large on a quality surf casting rod. A 12 foot rod would cast further then a 9-10 foot rod, but its far more comfortable to fish the shorter length. Plus 10 foot is decent enough length to keep your line out of the breaking surf in moderate conditions. The specifications between rods designed for lure use and bait use differ largely so if you are wanting something to suit both styles you will ha
  7. Thanks for the reply what reel did u match it with?
  8. Hi Radars Just a pretty straight forward question, has anyone had any experience with any of the models of these rods, especially the 315? I personally thing they look amazing but i have read a lot of mixed reviews on them. Im wanting to get the 315 for spinning of the beach for sambos and tailor, but for the $220 dollars that it costs am i better of getting something else? Any responses would be great
  9. Hi Fisho's Have got the Friday of school for my 16th birthday and really want to try so new locations. Want to try a few areas such as La perouse/Bare island, Clovelly Rocks and Coogee Rocks, for species such as bream, luderick, trevally and drummer. Do these areas produce fish or are there better locations around? Also any advice or tips in general would be great eg baits Any advice will be much appreciated
  10. hahaha they look like fun
  11. Top pics and some awesome fish. Sounded like fun, good on ya
  12. Hey yall, just a quick question, went down to BLAH BLAH BLAH today and was looking at the sling shot rod range by shakespeare, for $70 dollars they looked like a bargin. Was wondering though if anyone has use them before and what were they like? Another rod i came across was the abu garica veritas they looked pretty nice as well, same question anyone used them before?
  13. My personal fav lures for bream and flaties would be berkley turtleback worm (pumpkin seed) and squidgy flick bait 85-70mm (pilly). Working them, because its winter a slower retrieve will prove more successful, use just a basic lift and jig retrieve and make sure to let ur lure sink to the bottom espically when fishing for flathead. Hope this helps
  14. The c14 stradic has a faster retrieve ratio then most of the other shimano reels hence why it sort of sounds like a fan. Ive got one to and its makes the same sound, it happens with all of them dont thing u have a broken reel. hope this clears things up
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