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  1. SargeRX8

    Fishing the Hawkesbury

    I've caught some squid in the hawkesbury, especially around the bays with deeper water but they are far and few. They are in abundance towards the island and palm beach region. Where abouts near the mouth of the hawkesbury are you speaking of? Up near the heads or between juno and flint n steel? The last jew we caught at the hawkesbury was about 30kg... Sorry cm.
  2. Hey all, Been a while since I posted here but here I go. Caught this off the boat. It was released unharmed after a couple pictures. At first it looked like a flathead but as soon as it came abroad, it wasn't the case and as soon as it came out of the net, its wings came out. Jaws dropped. Anybody have any ideas? The only remote thing I've found is some sort of prehistoric flying fish but unable to confirm let alone why something like this is in our back yards! Enjoy this awesome looking fish. I've never seen anything like it before, not even in an aquarium.
  3. SargeRX8

    My first bream on surface lure!

    Sounds inspiring. I'm yet to catch a bream on a surface lure.
  4. SargeRX8

    Plastic Mulloway

    Yeah I've found that too. Strong winds almost every day its insane. Last time I went squiding I hooked a nice one. As im bringing it in I had a pretty vicious hit. The squid was about 35cm in length and got demolished on the way up. That has never happened before. Ive got a month off work in a week. We need to get out there
  5. SargeRX8

    Plastic Mulloway

    Mad stuff Pete. Man good to see you've still been fishing. I've fished what, maybe twice since the last time we went! Man I'm hating this right now. Everytime I get a chance to fish, no one wants to go or weather is crap. Good to see the big ones are still patrolling around this half of the river. I haven't caught a fish in so damn long(squid not included!)
  6. SargeRX8

    Where are the Yakkas?

    You can borrow mine. Also wrong forum to ask buddy.
  7. SargeRX8

    Thumper luderick on lure

    Thanks for the invite!!! Good stuff man, finally you got a tailor haha. Damn if only it had my lure in its mouth. Was that luderick just swimming in open water or was it near some of the structure there. Even if I saw you catch it, I'd still call BS.
  8. SargeRX8

    Stinger hook rig: example (nbdshroom)

    I use them with my live baits. Yellowtail especially you get the back half of the fish taken off. A good quantity of fish I caught have been using similar approach. I find the proper stinger hooks are much better to set and hold. They're like a treble hook but one of the points is flipped. Ive seen people rig up small plastics with stingers for bream. If fish are in a frenzy on the surface they will often attack a poor swimming plastic. Ive caught fish on plastics falling off the hook after a previous bite.
  9. SargeRX8

    Octane tester , breather valve

    It is a pain and I know whay you mean. I try to keep the valve shut all the time but find my self checking the tank quite often to release pressure. What do I propose? A double valve system. Have youe typical screw valve which you open and close when you go on your trips. Then have a one way spring loaded valve with a spring rated to say 1 to 2psi. I dont know if such has been done but effectively the same as my car. A spring in the fuel cap which will vent automatically and only when the pressure in the tank is capable of pushing the valve open.
  10. SargeRX8

    Blade lures , worth the money?

    What do you mean? Ecogear at a certain tackle shop is 18.95 a piece and thats not including post. Hence why Ive only got one VX ecogear and the rest are TT blades which cost me $10 a piece.
  11. SargeRX8

    Blade lures , worth the money?

    Something tells me the sinker on the bottom might affect the action of the lure. If you watch a blade in the shallow water it alternates left and right at pretty high frequency. I just bought 4 new pieces for $10 a pop for the TT range. Good sale on now in on of the bigger tackle shops.
  12. SargeRX8

    Blade lures , worth the money?

    My concern with bladed is at nearly 20 a pop I'm paranoid to use it. Ive used them in deeper waters caught tailor yakka and slimies on them. Never cracked a bream on one mainly because too scared of putting it out in their habitats. Ill use my plastics for bream and shalloe and my blades for the deeps. Ive got tt and eco gear. Some people suggest going two single hooks over trebles.
  13. SargeRX8

    Looking forward to some bass with a new Yak

    Hey dude Is that the yak that was advertised on TV for like under $400? If so how does it look at feel? Really cant go wrong at that price, I might have to learn to swim properly and get one for my self.
  14. SargeRX8

    pest species.

    Interesting. I know people who have mentioned stuff like this in the past and apparently it really helps with mud crabs too. Carp are more expensive per KG to buy in shops that many other fish now. Its quite interesting. I have nothing against either fish. Ive caught carp and its heaps fun. I returned them all back to the water unharmed. Unless the fish is gonna be eaten, I find no reason to kill it and I can't justify killing the fish just because. Humans have a more detrimental effect to the environment than any fish can. Just take the parramatta river for example. Its ruined beyond repair thanks to people flowing industrial waste into the waters. I can't kill a fish just because it tears the bottom. The water is the fishes environment. The land is ours. We've ruined the water for the fish, we've ruined the air for the birds and we've ruined the land for everything else.
  15. SargeRX8

    Mercury in gem fish

    Just don't eat fish so often and you'll be fine. Mercury from fish outside, dioxins from fish in the harbour. Syringes in fish in upper reaches of rivers. We're practically doomed anyway.