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  1. Grantm

    Disposing Old Battery's

    There are a number of companies that specialise in taking scrap batteries. They used to be worth about a doller each, then 50c, then a bit less, and now in some cases they want to charge you to come pick them up unless you have a huge pile. You can dispose of them at metal recylcling yards or look up a battery recycler in the yellow pages but you will have to take it to them. Alternatively see if your local mechanic will dispose of it for you. Cheers
  2. Grantm

    Using Spitfire Plus On An Outboard?

    Hey mate, dont waste your money on Spitfire or any other fuel additive it wont do a thing. Try adjusting the idle mixture screw or better yet pull it out and blow out the port.
  3. Grantm

    Ban On Live Bait

    Ive never really understood the problem. The same hook that goes through the live bait will be going through the mouth of the fish you are catching. Whats the difference ? You cant ban live baiting but allow normal line fishing. PETA are screwballs. Powerfull screwballs though. Keep an eye out. I dont give a stuff anyway. I will always live bait if a want to, im not going to be dictated to by imbiciles. Hey Clutch, I agree. If I had a hook in my mouth Id be in such pain that everyone would know. I ve seen those Bream swimming around in the Shimano tank at comps with hooks hanging out of them and they act no different to any other fish. If they were in pain they would be noticably different in their actions but hey arent.
  4. Grantm


    James, Your a perfect candidate for doing an apprenticeship. There are a number of trades that would suit your interest in manual labour ( building, carpentry, metal fabrication etc ), and a good tradesman will always earn a good living. Cheers
  5. Grantm

    Which Way To Vote?

    A vote for labour is a vote for more marine parks make no mistake. Its hard to see that the libs have much going for them either although they have a better policy on marine parks. Any fisho wanting to vote labour is fine and totally your choice, but remember that its Labour who are locked in with the greens who want to lock up our fishing grounds. This being a fishing site, and if you want to support fishing, I totally agree with Hariklia, a vote in the upper house to remove the green majority is neccessary. I too will be voting Group 'M' above the line in the upper house and support Jack and his team of passionate fishos just like us ! Cheers !
  6. Grantm

    Boat Tilting

    Mate its a pretty common question for new boaties. What you will find is that on a windy day the boat will handle very differently. If the wind is hitting your boat from the side your boat will tend to 'list' or lean into the direction the wind is coming from. The reason is that the wind is actually blowing your boat to one side and you will naturally try to keep it straight and by doing so you will be turning the steeing wheel and holding the boat aginst the wind. Doing so will make it lean. Its like turning into a corner but your actually going straight cause the wind is fighting the boat. Hope that makes sense. Next time it happens switch direction and the effect should be opposite. It can be a scary feeling, and when the wind is bad you just need to go slow and keep the boat under controll.
  7. Mate all is good ! Havent wet a line for far too long though, just been too busy. Im busting to get out !!
  8. Good going Jethro, nice to see you start to crack the Lake. Wish i could !
  9. Grantm

    Bozo Soft Plastics

    Ive seen them whilst in QLD and they really dont look like anything that special. The bloody banana benders just like using the local product I suspect ! The reason they do so well in the Classic is cuse so many people use them - just like the Pig lure. Stick with thw Squidgee range and also Berkely and youll catch plenty of flatties. Cheers
  10. Grantm

    Flathead Sp's

    Here is a good indicator of what has succeded in the Gold Coast Flathead classic. Just for the record the 'Pig' lure mentioned is a hand made hard body lure from a Gold Coast bloke, that doesnt look anything special but it sure takes flathead ! Very hard to get. go to the 'gold-coast-sport-fishing club site' , flathead classic, then map and archives and sus it out. Sorry the link wont work and when i type in the site manually it gets blocked out ????
  11. Grantm

    Tweed Report

    My understanding is that the lower reaches of the Tweed are off limits to the pro's but they can go upriver. There are plenty of trawlers on the Tweed and im pretty sure it gets hit hard. Im not sure of the exact limitations to where they can go but they definately have access to parts of it. Im sure it fishes better from a boat and in warmer whether too. I cant really complain after catching two good flatties but they were few and far between. Cheers.
  12. Gday all, Been a while since i have done a report so here goes. Ive actually been away for a few weeks and had a bit of a fish in the Tweed river. That place has really slowed down over the years and this was no exception. I found it really hard to find fish and worked very hard for what i got. I did try for some Jacks and maybe a Bream but it was blowing a gale which made it even tougher. Couldnt find any Jacks but did manage a few Moses Perch which were hitting Bass Minnows. Highlight was two decent Flatties one at 74cm and one at 75cm which i pulled from a small shallow weedy bay just off the river. One 74 took a Berkelt Mullet in sand perch and the other took a 100mm Squidgee shad in green. Both went back in to fight another day. I spoke to some locals who also confirmed the slow conditions in the Tweed. Even the local fishing map they give out at tacklo's said the fish stocks had depleted. Here are some pics. 74cm 75cm Lucky to find them I think ! Cheers
  13. Grantm

    5.0 M Steber For Sale

    This boat must go, price drop to $6250.00
  14. Grantm

    Flathead Sp's

    If its any indication all but the first fish in the records section have been taken on Pseed gulp grubs. There are days where they are the only lure to take a fish for me. I was recently in the clear water of lake mac and was drifting right over resting flatties litterally donking them on the head with squidgees and they wouldnt touch them. They did however react to the gulps which indicates two things. a, they are more than just a lure, and b, flatties will have lure preference on certain days unlike the belief that they will eat anything at anytime. The good thing about gulp grubs is that even the 3 inch version will take big flatthed and it will also take Bream and Jews and whatever else is around. Very versatile lure as you dont really know what your going to get. Failing all that 75mm and 100mm Jelly prawn Squidgees with the tails dipped in pink spike it work well too. Cheers
  15. Grantm

    Water Restrictions.....

    Still cant flush motors Brown Hornett. ALL external use of town water is banned, this includes flushing motors. They now specfiy just that on radio announcements. Cant even bucket wash anything. Still, I will continue to fill my dogs water bowl from the tap outside as the missus wont have him drink from the toilet.