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  1. Interesting condition, this Lordosis. I'll have to read up on it. I wonder why the dorsal fin disappears over the affected area? I'll come back here with an answer if I find out. Cheers, Nursie
  2. Not so expensive, but I've lost count of the number of times I've locked my keys on the car when I've gone fishing. I almost know the NRMA guys on a first name basis. Before joining said association, I destroyed a couple of door deals retrieving the keys myself. It's all about developing the good routine and sticking to it.....but that's not always easy.
  3. Good things come to those who wait. Santa left me a nice little gift voucher from Bi Catch Fish. So last week I traded said gift voucher for another Rovex Nitrium 2000 to replace the lost one (although this one, the last in the place, strangely did not come with a spare spool), and a Shimano Sonic Pro 2-4kg 2 piece 7' spin rod to replace the Rovex Air strike. Took the combo out for a test today and couldn't be happier. It casts a mile, is very accurate, and i could feel every little bump of the lures along the sand flats, as well as a lovely shimmy at the rod tip with my blades. Just a pity there were no fish co-operating at the time. But that's OK, I wasn't targeting, just testing. Now, I wonder how I can go with a birthday present this Friday. Perhaps that Takedo rod? MMMMMMM!
  4. Allen, That was inspirational. I was down at Dolls Point today. I didn't catch anything, but that wasn't the point as I was getting the feel of a new combo. However, the amount of boats and jet skiers made me think that most of the fish would be spooked. Your effort proved otherwise. I know that area and I'll bet you rode the wake of more than the occasional boat. But those kingies were aggressive. Your berleying no doubt played a big part in that. Well done on both the results and the video report.
  5. Awww, come on Salty, Gotta have an excuse for coming home empty handed. Can't tell the missus and cat that I can't fish!
  6. The problem with getting big tackle involved is that, while Australia is a substantial enough market place, they may not see us as not being substantial enough on a global economic scale to be worth getting involved in this issue. Pity. Us recreational fishos need some muscle to back us up on this one. Otherwise, we will likely get steamrollered, not to mention the ocean environment.
  7. Thanks for the kind sentiments, people. But every cloud has a silver lining. As I'm resigned to never seeing the left behind (can't call it lost) gear again, Santa has promised replacements. I've got my eye on a Takedo coastal spin rod and Shimano combo. I've decided to get another Rovex Nitrium as I've got a spare spool from the first one, loaded with line. Seems a pity to waste it, especially as the reel is only $55. Don't let the price fool you. it's one helluva nice little bait runner. I really deserve a lump of coal, but I'm not going to argue with my darling Santa.
  8. OK guys, depends on the socialising tonight. (Friends coming over that we haven't seen for a while). if we break it up early, I'll be down at the Yowie boat ramp about 5.30. If we kick on, then I'll probably beg off and sleep in. Same deal if it's windy, although the forecast looks promising.
  9. Hi Raiders, I feel a bit silly posting this, but I might get lucky. I was fishing at Yowie bay boat ramp last Friday. When finished, I toted my gear back up to the car and headed home. One thing lead to another and I didn't bother to get the gear out of the boot for the usual post fish shakedown until this afternoon. Would you believe that I left my rods behind? I can't remember if I left them on the pontoon, or at the car. I was parked in front of the bottle shop there. Anyway, description as follows; 1x red Rovex Air strike 2 piece rod with Rovex Nitrium bait runner reel and 1 x yellow Shimano hollow glass two piece rod with a Gladiator BB200 bait runner reel. If anyone came upon them, can they please PM me? It's not that I'm going to rush out and replace anything immediately, but I love my bait runners and it sucks not having them. It hurts even more to realise that I had a "senior's moment", costing me those two outfits.
  10. Guys, don't get too excited. Look at the weather forecast for the weekend.
  11. Yes, you can launch from there. You have to "portage" the yak down a stepped pathway, so that means a brief carry down. The problem is getting back up at the end of the day. when you are tired and muscle weary. Yowie boat ramp would be easier. Wally's is OK if you are early, but it's a long way to Lilli Pilli from there if the tide is going the wrong way.
  12. Someone mention my name? Weather permitting there's every chance. I just received my motor controller for the Watersnake and I'll want to try it out. I'm keen to do a bit of trolling, but up till now, the two speed switch on the motor is either too fast or too slow. Now I should be able to get that Goldilocks speed without compromising battery usage. I just watch this post while you guys settle on the launch spot and other details. BTW, I've been doing a bit of lb from both boat ramps the past couple of weeks and it's been hard work. Lot's of just undersized pinkies, a squid (finally), but very little else other than pickers from those locations. All baits (salted pillies, squid and prawns) are attracting fish, just not of any size. Hopefully, the bigger fish are where we're going.
  13. Does anyone know what is happening at Lilli Pilli baths? I was down there this morning, but could access the jetty as there were some kind of council works going on. Looked serious.
  14. I'm the same as flatheadluke. I store my rods and reels in my basement workshop. I lay my rods on the underfloor beams where there's a space between the beams and the floorboards overhead. The temp rarely varies throughout the year. I just have to be careful not to knock the runners when I laying them down and taking them out again. The reels are also stored in the workshop, so the lines only see sunlight on an outing, which is why, I'm sure, that my mono from the late '80's is still as good as the day I bought it. Having said that, I've never had a fish big enough to bust me off, but I have had a few bite-off's. Interestingly, though, my yellow braid is going pale since I've been fishing Port Hacking, not getting darker, which has happened to me on other waterways.
  15. I shouldn't worry too much. Like it has been suggested, if it's a surface scratch, a layer of varnish is all that's needed. No point in fretting over what you can't see, and therefor can't really do anything about. If the carbon blank is damaged, it will go someday, but that day isn't today. Keep fishing with confidence, but have a spare rod with you in case it does let go.