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  1. Hey guys and girls, I'm heading to Sydney for a couple of days and I'm mad keen to get back on the water in the harbour or off the beaches and have a flick. I moved to qld about a year ago now and havn't been back to sydney since.. I'd appreciate a bit of help finding some spots that have been producing lately.. Whats on the bite at the moment? Are the squid fired up? bream? are there any decent catches to be had off the beaches? Appreciate any help or info anyone is willing to give. Cheers, Reubs
  2. those carp are awesome... i think i need to start getting onto them... where did you guys catch them?
  3. good report mate sounds like you guys had some fun!... your fish are as follows... tailor, snapper, sweep, snapper, snapper, tailor
  4. Hey guys, With all the rain about where are all the fish hiding? I cant figure the hawkesbury out at all .. and everytime i take the boat i seem to catch nothing.. I saw some massive scales obviously from a large jewfish at the ramp cleaning table but alas i do not know where to find any jews let alone anything else.. any help would be greatly appreciated p.s. with all the fresh water about is anyone catching hairtail? Tight Lines Reubs
  5. reubs

    beach fishing

    wriggler on a jig head heavy enough to cast out..
  6. howsy would i be able to tag along on one of your blackfish sessions? I am really keen to learn how to catch blackfish = )
  7. hey ryder, that is an awesome idea, I will give that a try next time i head out for sure.
  8. nice catch mate, i was actually down in wollongong on sat trying to catch some black.. fished for about 3 hours and didn't get a single down. I guess I am going through that frustrating phase you seam to have just gotten over. If you are in the mood to teach a learner some tricks I would be more than willing to listen = )
  9. Hi Howsy and poohbear, Is there any chance a mate and I could tag long with you guys on one of your sessions to learn the black arts? we have both done a bit of black fish fishing but I think we are missing a few things that maybe you guys could correct? anyways would be wonderful if you guys could help out. awesome catch by the way.
  10. nice work guys... what rig/bait do you use on the carp? thinking of hitting up the parramatta river for some fun/pest control
  11. Blood knot all the way...I usually tie off to a small snap/clip and change rigs/plastics nice and easy
  12. Rubbish fish like yakkas? You know you can use them as live baits right?
  13. I hooked a bronzie in Pittwater about a year ago in the deeps off Portuguese beach.. There were people buzzing around on wakeboards.. Wouldn't catch me dead in the water
  14. reubs


    Tease them with small bits of bread then throw a piece in with a 1/0 circle hook in it unweighted and hold on