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  1. Been using that ramp for thirty five plus years. In my opinion its a shit ramp to much surge and cross wash. Port is the go if you have a big boat. Mates with most of the jetty rats probably one myself. Half the people struggling would appreciate a hand. Unfortunately after being told your a smartarse by the don't tell me about boats dickheads you tend to sit back and laugh. Just after a big southerly hits mid morning is good value. The dickheads always wait to long to head in (if you should have been there in the first place with a big blow coming) You might be surprized if your struggling ju
  2. I have dropped fish after fish for 6 weeks but got a 100kg black to stick yesterday. Also a 8-10kg Wahoo. Both fish s/e of the fad in 70fa not much in way of temp breaks but some good current lines.
  3. Fished tues fad to kink for a donut. No flow at all no Dollies at the fad and not much positive chatter. A few fish on The Banks and with the forcast this w end I think its worth a try. Once the current that's turning out off Sydney gets down here it shoud start to fire.
  4. I think its about 30km mate. Its a lot easier to put in at murrys ramp and its only 15-20kms from the ramp.
  5. Unlucky mate maybe next time. I know that feeling just a bit to much lately. I was at Culburra ramp this arvo and it was howling I hope you got in early. I stayed out to long sat and had a rough ride home.
  6. Had 3 bites today 10k north of kink all came unstuck. Stripe black and unseen. Back to basics and livebaiting for me I think. Till the blues show up anyway.
  7. Done the same trip wed. Had a strike s/e of the fad in 90fa but came unstuck a few minutes in. I didn't see it but by the look of the lure head and heat shrink marlin for sure. Maybe next time. Water was 22 at the banks up to 23.6 on the shelf. Happy New Year to all. Cheers.
  8. Fished JB area a few times in the last month for not much. Went through the Banks to Block and Cheese and on to the shelf today. Water this morning was 20.9 at the Banks up to 23.9 in 135fa with heaps of current lines and a good temp break a little south from 22ish to almost 24 out from drum on the shelf. Birds dolphins whales and bait but no sign of beakies and no dollies on the fad yet. I felt like it was coming any minute all day but didn't. Stopped on the Banks on the way in to have some fun on light gear for kings jigged a few and baited a heap. Good fun on ten pound braid. It was a very
  9. There is a few snapper on the mud with the odd stonker (2k's inside the banks) heaps of rats on the banks you can watch them swimming around with no burly. I got there late (thanks guys) but if you were there before sunrise with live squid I'm sure you would have your arm's ripped off. Trolled to the kink and back for a heap of strippies heaps of bait on the sounder but no real temp break's it's on soon. The water has warmed since last w end thing's might be different now. It's looking good and getting better. Push on EAC.
  10. _unts are supposed to be good dealers. I'm stuck with them till warranty runs out. 2 1/2 years to get it rite. (not very funny) We will be in court before then.
  11. Seized bolts won"t be a problem on my twin 135s. There back in the shop getting pulled apart every second time I use them, 35k of heart ache. I hope you have better luck than me
  12. I have just put twin 135ho's on my boat and I hope you have better luck than me. One o them is fine the other is a pain in the arse. Had a bad miss after first trip that went away back at shop with no probs on computer. Second trip no oil alarm at ramp went nowhere that day. Air bubble in one sensor. Ran ok on muffs for 1/2 hour toed to port stevens ran ok for 2 days but still missing a little at idle that seemed to get worse bad while flushing when you can hear it better shakes bad. Now have to toe from Gosford to Wollongong back to shop. If you read this huey any ideas. Should have come to y
  13. don.a

    new motors

    Motors on and going. Awesome torque and hole shot she trolls at 6-7kn for 9 Lt/h not bad for a 2t+ boat. I thought it would be quicker than 38kn but way more than I need. More testing and fishing needed happy as so far.
  14. Your local tackle store talks to every keen fisho in your area its well worth a few extra bucks to find out where the fish have and haven't been.
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