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  1. I'm happy with salmon getting back on to the beach with my Alvey and convinced a mate to get Alvey beach set up need to get him onto a fish now went Greenhills Cronulla other Friday and was packed thought might be more quieter stanwell dosnt sound like it might have to keep heading further south away from the numbers
  2. Any one had luck on stanwell beach ? heading there this Friday night
  3. Yeah I've got pleanty of salmon their and picked up some sole to I mainly fish ganged Pillies if went lighter and smaller bait prob get some bream whiting flatty
  4. Nope park here red marker
  5. Nope park in the carpark on the beach back further to the left just outa that photo then walk over grass to beach paths and done to beach be heading down their Friday night for fish
  6. twisty84

    Spit hire

    Work at Kurnell so I'll check him out
  7. twisty84

    Spit hire

    Want to do a whole pig on spit for party, any one no any one that hires them around or near engadine Sydney
  8. What about techniques for using an ALVEY side cast reel
  9. Yep I got nilch the other day not even a nibble
  10. Any idea what's the earliest the gates open, are u able to get down there for sunrise ??
  11. Any one fished garie beach in the royal np much ? I have just started fishing down there off the beach with ganged pilles. Has any one had much success down there any good stories. Gona head down early tommorow and fish before and after high tide in morning .
  12. That last recipe is the way I do it but with out crumbing and they taste great can wait to get out and catch some more salmon for a feed of Thai fish cakes
  13. Nice big salmon ðŸ‘
  14. Very nice i am still waiting to get my first jew from the rocks