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  1. Nice one mate! Maybe we can arrange a session one day, starting to get back into fishing!
  2. Who does the youtube videos? Seen that concreting shirt on the videos I have been watching recently! Glad to know it's a fellow raider!
  3. I have caught the red cods there, nothing special. Beautiful spot though.
  4. There is a video on the new Seafarer Victory Hardtop and uses suspension seats. Guy on it seems to like it.
  5. Thanks for the info! Where abouts is 'dropover' ? Thanks!
  6. Hey guys - not sure why but the bar crossing this morning was crazy! Well for me. Anyone know why I felt I had to cross 3M+ waves? - felt like it! Willy weather claime to be a 1.2M swell.
  7. Hi All, I am escaping for the long weekend to lake Mac with the boat. Just looking for a few pointers. Where can I catch some squid? Are there Kings around the Moon island just outside the heads? Yakkas about? Thanks for any help
  8. Yes thanks for that. Besides Spit Bridge, anything else? What about Yakkas?
  9. Well the squid grounds that I was at - near Balmoral were over 6-8m deep. So I tried with and without sinker. Got hits with the running sinker but then again I didn't try weightless for too long!
  10. Awesome, thanks guys! Was thinking maybe needed to upgrade to twin bait tanks - any excuse!
  11. Hi! Been trying squidding in Sydney Harbour and doing ok. Just wondering about the rig. I ran a ball sinker to the swivel and then a 50cm fluro carbon leader. Just wondering if it's best for the lure to work on it's own with it's given weight? I just feel it takes forever to reach the bottom. Thanks
  12. Hi All, Where can I find the squid grounds and the yakka grounds in Sydney Harbour?
  13. Hi All, Can you keep yakkas and squid in the same bait tank?
  14. Mate if you want to go outside I would look at the 510 Sea Spirit. Has a cabin, will take a wave better, offers protection from elements, grand kids will love it, you can go outside etc. The list gets better!
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