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  1. Good day fellow raiders, I'm new to fishing and was wondering where to get nippers or yabbies? I've heard you cant get them in Parramatta river or in sydney harbour because it's illegal, where is the best place to get them? I really have no idea and should i invest in a bait pump? p.s I live in western part of Sydney, in parramatta. Thanks Kind Regards, Howe.
  2. LFP is it good for bait? lol i've already chucked it in the freezer, I was thinking of using it as bait, If so do you know how? do i cut it into strips with skin on?. What species of fish eat LFP?. Cheers. Thanks Howe.
  3. Is it okay to eat if its changed its colour? My friend caught it at brown rock and we put it in the esky with water and no ice then halfway along the track i emptied the water and then drive back to the nearest petrol station to get some ice. The leather jacket changed its colour from that photo so I'm not sure if its still safe to eat. Thanks.
  4. G'day fellow fish raiders, For the first time of my life, I actually caught something legal. My friend caught a leather jacket and I got this weird fish but im not sure if I'm correct, but correct me if I'm wrong, It looks like a long finned pike. I dont know if this is a legal size fish because its not in my fishing chart from the nsw fishing department. I have attached some photo. P.S how do you cook leather jacket and long finned pike? Is long finned pike good? or should i use the long finned pike for bait fish?. Thanks.
  5. Man i've never had any luck at apple tree bay, would you use pilchards on a gang hook for salmon there? or in cubes?. The only fish ive caught at apple tree bay are bream and undersized :i
  6. can these be fished through land base or only by boats? Thanks.
  7. So when the float bob under do i yank it as i do usually?
  8. Legit this one time i saw this guy catching mullet at hawkesbury river station. He used bread and a floater, he didnt even cast out just dropped it line to the water and out comes 10 legal size mullet.
  9. Like do they cast their floater out? I see their floater near the wharf. Like i get super jealous , everytime i go fishing i either catch no fish or under size fish. I use school prawns.
  10. Hello fishraiders, I just got back from fishing at the entrance, caught around 20 bream however all undersize (all released back to the water). I saw these guys fishing on the wharf and they have a different set up, they had floaters and caught a lot of legal size fish. I was wondering what is this set up? so its a float tied to a swivel then to a line, finally a hook? If so how far do you cast it? I saw the floater near the wharf. My set up is mainline with a size 3 bead sinker to a swivel and then a line tied to a hook with some prawn as bait. I've always catch legal size fish and I'm really fed up . I've always see other people catching legal size fish and I've always seen tailors jumping out of the water taunting me . Please give me some guidance and set up. Thank you. Howe.
  11. It's expired brie so i wouldnt care . $2 parmesan which supermarket sells those O_O
  12. I fish wherever i can get too. mostly hawkesbury river, botany bay area (e.g. wally wharf, brown rock).
  13. I've used prawns but I've always catch illegal size fish . And i dont know how to use soft plastics, hard body lures etc..
  14. My target species are mainly flat head and bream. Ill be using long shank hook, btw how thick and long do i need to cut my chicken (i'm using drum stick fillet). Thanks.
  15. Hi, Fish Raiders I'm a newbie when it comes to fishing. I've only got one legal size fish in my whole life and i need some advice. I wanted to ask if you can use any type of cheese mixed with Chicken, other than parmesan. Is Brie cheese okay to use mixed with some garlic? Thanks Howe.