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  1. sam bros

    Mixed bag on live poddies in Botany Bay

    Getting hungry looking at that Well done
  2. sam bros

    Botany Bay Kings

    Nice work, unlucky on the crabs
  3. sam bros

    Boxing Day Flatties on the Flats

    Unfortunate about the fillets, its happened to me once where the esky handle broke. Lucky i was in the carpark and managed to save everything that had fallen out. I love targeting flatties on plastics in the estuary, one of my favourite forms of fishing
  4. sam bros

    Middle harbour kings

    Nice work Would of been a good fight
  5. sam bros

    First kingie

    Top effort mate Such a good feeling catching your first kingfish, I caught my first one last week, I've been trying to target them for a while. So it was so nice when i finally landed one. Did you manage anymore or was it just the one?
  6. sam bros

    Wet-a-Line Wednesday

    Great report How big was the mako?
  7. sam bros

    The BIG Silver Trevally... on bread!

    Nice effort That is a huge trevally
  8. sam bros

    Brisbane Water flatties

    Solid effort They can be a quite a challenge to land alone
  9. Top effort Some solid fish there
  10. sam bros

    need help on squiding spots

    pretty much most wharves in sydney harbour will squid I prefer sunset and smaller squid jig sizes
  11. sam bros

    George’s river kayak sesh

    Nice work mate Always fun to go kayak fishing
  12. sam bros

    More Pearlies

    Can't imagine if i had to swim a km out to sea to fish, now that is dedication Thanks for sharing Also congrats on a fish, you seem to get a solid feed everytime you go out
  13. sam bros

    Tight-lines Tuesday - Barrenjoey

    Top stuff mate Good haul of flatties
  14. sam bros

    Weekend Kings - hacking -

    Top effort, Catching your own bait and getting a good size kingy Well done
  15. sam bros

    Sydney Pearlies

    Solid catch