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  1. Hopefully can get some live bait. Is there any good bait grounds off coffs?
  2. Nice mate, were you trolling ?
  3. Hey guys Gonna go up to coffs for a few days and gonna take the boat up as well. Just wondering if the Spanish mackerel are still around this time of year. I don't want to go too far offshore, don't think I'd feel comfortable going to south solitary island. But I'd probably go to split solitary and try for snapper. So my question is can I target Spanish mackerel not to far offshore and how is the reefs around split solitary? Cheers guys
  4. Great report, sounds like an awesome two trips
  5. Some nice flatties there, will make a great feed What weight Jig heads were you using?
  6. Based near Parramatta, but I always go up and down the coast to fish. If you ever need a deckie, I would love to join BTW those gemmies look delicous
  7. Appreciate the kind words Zoran and I'm glad you enjoyed the video. The song is called Renegades by X Ambassadors
  8. Nice report Sussex inlet is a very nice place to fish, even though I haven't had too much luck there
  9. Great read, Loved the photos Would love to fish Browns one day
  10. That looks like an awesome trip. love the photos. Any plans on doing the east coast and cape ?
  11. Nice report, cant go wrong with a feed of flatties
  12. Loved the photos. The flatties would make a nice feed
  13. Yep summer break is the best, can go fishing without feeling guilty of not doing an assignment haha Haha that's what I normally do, I usually squeeze in fishing sessions before or after uni. But I feel like im getting old, I feel tired all day if I go for a fish past my bed time. I used to be able to fish all night without any sleep then head straight to uni for an exam in the morning.
  14. Thanks Donna, Hope your enjoying your trip. Would have been exciting to do water crossings and recoveries. How long into your trip are you and where have you gone so far? I have started to enjoy 4wding and camping a lot more over the past year. Would love to do a lap of australia with a caravan at one stage. Hahaha, your opening up a big can of worms. If I had unlimited money, would love to have a 200 series Landcruiser but I guess I will settle with what I have.
  15. Thanks mate, final year is tough but I need to make time for fishraider Thanks for the clarification Thanks mate, hopefully more to come