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    Nice work, I need to go out soon and get some
  2. sam bros

    Bellambi Reds

    Well done, Some quality reds especially considering it was your first attempt
  3. sam bros

    Port Stephens- Reds

    Nice work, That is a quality snapper
  4. sam bros

    Squid Avoca 15/06

    nice work mate Love the photo
  5. sam bros

    Late report for Tuesday

    Nice work
  6. sam bros

    Port Hacking Landbased

    Good report mate, Shame about the rod though
  7. sam bros

    Hard Days Fishing

    At least you caught some fish and you have dinner sorted
  8. sam bros

    Come meet BIGNEIL

    Now that is true Raider spirit Would of come past but I am working
  9. sam bros

    Pittwater stingray - OUCH

    Ouch I need to be more careful around stingrays Hope he is back fishing soon
  10. sam bros

    Hmm... Dinner, or Bait?

    Cant beat some calamari rings for dinner
  11. sam bros

    Berowra creek firing combined monthly report

    Nice report Some solid fish there
  12. sam bros

    Berleying....for squid?

    They are mainly sight feeders, so dont think berley would help that much It probably attracts the bait fish which in turn attracts the squid
  13. Great photos What size was the trevally?
  14. sam bros

    Sydney Harbour Fishing Sesh

    Hi Raiders Took the boat out a couple of nights ago and went to target some bread and butter species around middle harbour Caught 3 fatties with one going 60cm. Caught 2 legal Bream as well. Flatties caught down deep on a paternoster rig with squid Bream was caught on lightly weighted pillies and prawns. Threw a live yakka down but the tailor kept biting it to pieces. Ended up hooking one but lost it boat side. Would of been about 45-50cm So not too bad for a couple hours fishing. Caught a lot of those spotted big eyes again. Once we started burleying, they would be everywhere, became a bit annoying. Also got some drone footage around Long reef just before sunset and made a short video. Hope you guys enjoy it. Cheers
  15. sam bros

    Sydney Harbour Fishing Sesh

    Thanks mate, I was getting quite a few of them, and some were decent size. So I might keep one for the table and see how it goes. Is there any particular way of cooking you prefer?
  16. sam bros

    Sydney Harbour Fishing Sesh

    Thanks mate, Stoked you enjoyed the video
  17. sam bros

    Sydney Kings

    Nice work, They would of put up a hard fight
  18. sam bros

    Little Manly Flick

    Nice photo Well done
  19. sam bros

    Flathead in the bucket

    well done Would make a great dinner
  20. sam bros


    Nice work Would love to fish weipa one day
  21. sam bros

    Sydney Harbour Fishing Sesh

    Thanks mate Appreciate it
  22. sam bros


    I haven't gone this year yet. Probably a bit early to catch them consistenlty I' would probably start targeting them next month
  23. sam bros

    Flatties rip Bridge

    Nice report Thanks for sharing
  24. sam bros

    A girl from Cowan

    Wow, that is a stonker croc Well done
  25. sam bros

    Culburra beach 5&6th May 2018

    Calamari, Flathead and snapper. Now that is a great feed