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  1. DrownNprawns

    Randell 34

    internet search comes up with 5t look at this link http://yachthub.com/list/boats-for-sale/used/power-boats/randell-34-flybridge-cruiser/79779 Hope this helps
  2. Hi BN Don't know about ali boats but I have a in hull transducer glued to the inside of the hull of my boat. Two ways to do this is in hull or thru hull.with mine I shoot thru the hull so just used plastersine to find the best spot then affixed it with sickerflex .Worked for me Dave
  3. Can't help with specifics but I have a moored boat and lucky that the area where my boat is is at a boat ramp and have left my car parked there. The ramp has ppl living in cars and boats so it's safer to leave riggs there. Just an option I'm on Brisbane water if that helps
  4. On the water is different than on the trailer. 6 bodies on a boat will make the boat sit lower put shouldn't cause any stress on the hull unless you hit something hard like beach rocks or even the water if you comè off a big swell. Also looks like one of the rollers is not working or miss aligned as the black mark this may also have caused it.?
  5. Looks like there is a soft stringer or someone has jumped heaverly into the boat while on the traileror on the shore. Either way Iwouldn't take it out until it has been checked out throughly
  6. Go to RMS and they will get the spot sorted . The boating safety officer will take you out to give you rje mud map of exzact spot he may also know someone who is selling the ground tackle, if not the local salvage and mooring ppl will sell you rhe ground tackle. Hope this helps
  7. There are two types of moorings the one on the utube and the other and most common one is where the main mooring line isattached to a yellow or red float with a light line from float to main line which has a loop in the end. It is that main loop that goies onto your bow cleat with a small rope around the line to lock the loop into place. Not the small line. I see lots of ppl that just put a line thru the handle of the float. My boat lives on a mooring where birds eat away the small line to the float thus making it very weak which would have broken off if any weight was put onto it, so if it broke the main line will sink to the bottom and boat would float away. Hope that is helpful?
  8. Have just read this feed and that fin mainly affects the boats strait line not acceleration
  9. In my early days I lift my outboard for crusing and drop it for sking and had no trouble with toque steer . From memory it was each time I changed props which we did quite regularly as well. Hope this helps
  10. yep I was down there on Sunday Arvo and there was no trailer parking bays left, lucky I was just out for a walk. The same thing happens down at Woy Woy ramp as well you would like to park the car and trailer behind them and go out for a few weeks on the boat ......... but then they would call the cops or burn your rigg They are all inconsiderate a.....les
  11. DrownNprawns

    Boat flooring?

    In my opinion I'd say no, as the added weight and the hassle of lifting it out to clean under it as to glue it down will leave air and water access that will be harder to clean. I had carpet in the cockpit of my last boat for 10 years of fishing skiing eating and drinking with no smell at all. Just a bucket of suds at the end of each ( well most ) outings Hope this helps Btw that boat is now 32 years old with the same carpet
  12. As for laws or not I always had a travel cover on it as now every Monday we travel on the M1 I always see life jackets landing nets esky lids etc etc that has blown out . Hope this helps
  13. So don't tell everyone. Woy Woy Wharf is a public wharf and you can tie up for free and across the road is Pub lots of food shops and toilets just stay away from ferry end. Hope this is helpful
  14. Keep an eye on gumtree. That is where I found my stuff when it was stolen rang the police told them and they went and got it back for me, and sent the so and so to the big house. Hope you get it all back and karma is swift David
  15. Do the nav lights have good earth