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  1. After hearing some chatter the jewfish where on.In a few phone calls between Stewie and myself whilst talking of the impending inaugural bass trip. Sunday was looking to be the day for me to try for mine and my mates first legal Jewfish So a mate and I hit the ramp pretty early 5.30am and motored up the cooks. Reached the spot to find no run at all.DEAD So we started belting it with 1/4 tt heads with 4-5 plastics for no result Stewie gave me a call pretty early(thanks)and said "KEEP CASTING DO NOT MOVE". within 20mins i came up solid but was this to be? After a short fight my first jewfish was in the net and on the deck. measured 58cm Quick pic and in she went. Not a Bad PB and first ever jewfish to start the account. we kept on fishing and my mate got whacked but failed to hook up by mm after looking at the bite mark on the plastic got another few hits but nothing to write home about. Pick up 6-7 flathead then we made our way out of the cooks got back to the ramp at 11am and home washed up to get out of the heat on Sunday. here is a pic Some people might not recognize me i am a little healthier and fitter then i was
  2. My sincere condolences to everyone especially you both and the girls need anything just call.
  3. Pretty sure you need to buy maps here if you could get them in the USA i would think possibly it would be a special order. just like trying to find US maps charts here in oz. why would you need USA maps in Australia Not saying you cannot get them at all.
  4. johnno

    stolen boat

    great to see you got most things back distraction
  5. What a great day we had long but a great pleasure to go out with some good mates. as you can see we obeyed the rules by wearing our life jackets we did fish many styles and for many species some payed off others didn,t land a fish (still no jewfish on plastics for me ) we had a mixedbag of fish as stewy said but it was great to see the bay and river with many species. seen garfish on the surface and a long tom follow smitty,s lure, on top of what we landed in the net. congrats smitty on your first king now we just need to get you a legal one.
  6. It was a great day out a little overcast at times but uv factor was up. Great to be back in the boat with good mate Stewy. But my first jewfish is still out there Great to see Stewie blood the new stick. The berkley venom stick worked great on the cracker pb whiting. All in all a great day out as always with Stewy.
  7. johnno

    New Rod

    Are you using the recomended knot ? if not see link on the site what leader are you running?i think max 15-20lb
  8. Well what a awesome trip this year as always with great company. cheers stewy for a great and enjoyable trip. for me this trip produced a new pb bass of 44cm and a pb yella of 48cm and my first surface bassPB of 38cm With the first arvo session was a great settler knowing that they where biting and our plans where correct. The days where great except one day they where a little shut down but you still got fairly good numbers. and the last day was a little brezzy but you could stick it out and still get good fish. the highlights for me are my PB,s. getting most fish that had bricked us back out of snags except 4.1 mine Every rod and reel i took i landed a yellowbelly and bass on this year. I only lost 2 spinnerbaits this trip and 1 was of my own doing thinking that the fish where hiding around near where the kangaroos are. i fired my cast and missed fingering the spool and it was well up into bank and in the shrubs and the other was a spinnerbait was becoming my favourite and it was also broken. Which needed to be retired but i kept using it and adjusting the skirt but kept catching fish. Until stewy and i reached a area and us both knowing we get good fish here. Stewy comments i have had some big bust offs here.In 3 casts the rod is nearly torn from my hands and pop bang 20lb braid destroyed on hit.I only got to lift the rod about 6 inches. also me seeing the hit on the spinnerbait of my pb of 44cm and a 43cm All in all a great trip which i enjoyed. Iceman yes we did have a chat to your mates in twitchin which where good to have a chat to. we also meet some nice people at the ramps. PS i will download/upload pics later
  9. Congrats Fezza thanks or doing the job
  10. johnno

    Boat Insurance

    i would think you would pay about 1000 a year for a premium from the chosen insurer.Best to give insurers a call they wll talk you through it. Every insurer has different needs for anti theft devices (contact insurer) hitch lock wheel locks etc (chains are not claassed as these devices) Every claim you will need to pay a excess which can be from 100-500 or even more. Nrma ,clubmarine,Nautilus marine
  11. Well Done Jorg some great lookin fish they look nice and healthy