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  1. Hi Mate Well done. Looks like your a far distance out. How far out were you to catch those?? Again well done...
  2. Mate you smashed it. What a monster. Its been a long time that i've seen one of those. Well done!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Great work again. Enjoy that fish for dinner Joe
  4. Well done mate, keep up the good work Joe
  5. Joe69

    Sydney Today

    Guys its peopke like you why I joined fish raider. Thanks for the great report. Hope you guys keep it up. Thanks
  6. Cracker of a fish, I to one love to know what area you were one you caught it. Well done
  7. Hi All, Just joined fish raider. I have just changed over from another fishing forum. This fishing forum looks great. Just picked up a brand new Tournament 1900 Bluewater and still need to get it on the water. My dream is to catch a snapper one day but don't have the experience or i don't know any marks where i can get to. Is there any one out there that can give me a mark or any tips on where to catch this great fish as I would love to give it a go. If someone will help this would be great. All the best
  8. Job well done guys. I agree kings have been hard to find this year. All the best