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  1. Rodb73

    FISHRAIDER WORKSHOP - Demystifying Depth Sounders

    Hi all, You can also count me in. Thanks and looking forward to it.
  2. Rodb73

    27mhz radio - no support after 2015

    You can count me in also on doing the course. Cheers Rodb.
  3. And you've seen the lights on my boat. You'll be found mate, no matter where you hide. Besides that, you've gotta stick around, no one else stays up late to have a beverage with me.
  4. Hi all, I was already going next year and had a great time, learnt a lot and met some great people. But now, thanks to Harold, my next Hairtail Social will work out to be free. I'm gunning for the biggest...!!! Just gotta buy some bumpers for my boat, cause when Scratchies around, my boat ends up with Scratchies. Thanks Harold and thanks once again to all for a great weekend. Rodb.
  5. Rodb73

    Need someone who can Weld

    I've got the post off and done all the preparation, as well as tacked it back into position. I may look at buying another though.
  6. Rodb73

    Need someone who can Weld

    Hi all, I'm looking for someone around the Camden to Campbelltown areas who has the ability to weld my winch post. The post was a little rusty at the base and on my trip home from the Hairtail Social, it got worse. I've cut it down, ground it back and it is tacked back into position. But that's as far as my welding ability goes. If anyone is interested, please let me know. Cheers Rodb.
  7. Rodb73

    Winch Strap, Cable or Dyneema Braid

    Will do mate.
  8. Rodb73

    Winch Strap, Cable or Dyneema Braid

    Thanks to all for your replies. I think I'm going to try out the rope. At the very least, next time there's a post like this, I can confidently answer having used all 3 options. Thanks again Rodb.
  9. Rodb73

    What a GEM day!

    Nice day out Scratchie, Good report mate and glad your son had a cracker of a day. Gees, he looks like you mate...!!! As does your son...!!! Good job boys Rodb
  10. Rodb73

    Winch Strap, Cable or Dyneema Braid

    Thanks to all for the replies, It's definitely an interesting one. I've used/had both the cable and strap before and still have an inclination to try the rope. It may need a little more thought before I commit. Thanks again Rodb.
  11. Hi all, I'm looking to either revamp the boat winch with a new cable, strap or dyneema braid. Could anyone please offer there advice (pros/cons) to the 3 choices? It currently has cable which is very tired and needs to be replaced and the boat weighs 1.3t. Thanks Rodb.
  12. Rodb73

    Members Boats.

    This is my baby. Only just recently refurbished 19ft Sealine, now I just need to start spoiling it with some fish. Cheers Rod.
  13. Rodb73

    The boys after school

    Way to go Scratchie, I'm hoping to get my 2 older kids out in the bay this weekend. Nothing beats getting the kids out for a fish. Good on ya mate Rodb.
  14. Hello all, After fishing the Hairtail social and what a sensational social it was. I thought it might be time to revamp this page and bring it back to life. I'd say after meeting a number of raiders at the Hairtail Social, that if not all, at least most of them would be up for another social sometime soon. Not to mention the other 21,980 members we have on our site. If its an excuse we all need to make it to this one, it could be "Fishraiders 10th Birthday Bash" Side message to the Swords, I'll offer a hand to get it organised. Cheers Rodb.
  15. Rodb73


    Happy Birthday FishRaider...!!! Great site, great people and looking forward to being a part of it for many more years. Rodb