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  1. Mate I feel your pain, I get sea sick in the bath. Although since I’ve started taking specially made tablets from a compounding chemist I haven’t been sick in years. Best evidence was when I went on a live aboard charter a couple of weeks ago in the Montobello islands in WA and we were in 4.5 metre swells for a day. I was one of 3 people on the charter who didn’t chuck. Not surprisingly the 3 of us were on the compounding tablets. If you’re interested send me a PM and I’ll pass on the details.
  2. Nice haul! Would have been awesome being out there today, the fish would have just been a bonus!
  3. Great report and congrats on the Jew Jonno and hats off to the Mr Swordie!!
  4. Brilliant catch, well done. It goes to show you don't always need big baits/lures to catch big fish
  5. Cheers mate thanks for the reply. Will hopefully post something up in the next couple of weeks ?
  6. Nice haul, I've never fished brows deep dropping before, though my old man just picked up a couple of electrics and we plan on heading out to the mountain in the next couple of weeks. Can you tell me we're you on the mountain or how far off? Do you sound the bottom looking for fish or just drop when you find some structure? Cheers & thanks for the report
  7. That sounds good, will give it a go next time I land a dart. Cheers
  8. Nice catch especially in only an hour. Re the dart, how do you cook them and what are they like to eat?
  9. Great post and nice fish. Love fishing with the family.
  10. Stewy and Donna you guys are fantastic; thank you so much for all your great work and saving this iconic site. You have made my week ??.
  11. Well done on the beakies, was wondering if anyone had been having any luck lately.
  12. Oh wow... I can't believe it! The passing of an iconic site.ive been a member here for years and a visitor for years before that. A massive thanks for Stewy and Donna for all your hard work over the years and to the moderators as well. I have had many hours of enjoyment from fishraider. It's been my holly grail for fishing. I've gleaned so much from all the fishos over the years and thank you to all who contributed to the site and expanded my knowledge and given me heaps of laughs. I'm going to miss everyone's reports and seeing what everyone has caught. Thanks again Swordies for everything over the years and running a tight ship. To all the members out there good luck and tight lines. cheers, Steve ? PS: please, please, please someone pick up the reigns, we'll all be the more poorer is FR disappears....
  13. Wow that's committed to the cause!! Sorry to hear about your heart troubles but glad to hear you're on the mend. Nice feed of blackies. Get well soon and tight lines ?
  14. Nice haul. I love a feed of jackets, hugely underrated fish in my opinion!