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  1. I also have issue with my ipilot. Do anyone know where I can take it for a repair??
  2. Can't wait too see the video... please upload and send us the link.
  3. This is epic..... where can I sign up for a job like this?
  4. What a report!!! Hoodie on popper in the shallow.... can't get any better than this!!!!
  5. Great info you gave Victorski. Well done!!!
  6. If you got a huge budget for squid fishing then by all means get all the specific rod & reel. Just remember that you should spend the money on quality japanese jigs first as they are the most important component for egi tackle.
  7. nbh00d

    Shimano v Okuma

    I second what Slinky said as I have owned both of them and I noticed my okuma trio isn't smooth after a few months and bearing failed after 6 months of use. I have to say I did abuse it to the max by using the little trio to stop legal kings. However, while using the Shimano I found they last longer and don't seem to lose that smoothness. One thing you got to remember is Shimano also produce high quality gears for bicycles and this wealth of experience is one reason why they are still the king of fishing reel.
  8. I have owned the standard fin, ST turbo and the full turbo fins for a long period of time and definitely worthwhile to upgrade. There is a huge difference between the standard and ST turbo while there isn't much of a gain for the full turbo ones. You can google it and there is thread comparing all three of them.
  9. nbh00d


    Nice reds mate!!! Good stuff!!!
  10. Wow!!! Reminds me of the post about some guy caught a YFT in Pittwater. Well done!!!
  11. Hey guys just overheard this from other fisho that there was an oil spill in Botany Bay today. What makes this even more disgusting is apparently Caltex used tugs to drive over the spill to cover it up. I am so surprised I have not seen this on the news yet and where are the greenies???? If anyone got more intel please share and update. To find out more click here: https://www.facebook.com/stan.ksecretary/posts/10152087409927638
  12. I got a Suzuki DF80A and for the last 2 trips it was getting very difficult to start the motor. I turned the key then no beep and have to turned a few times before it gets going. Last Sunday tried to start it again and completely nothing. I could still trim the motor but once I start playing with the cable near the throttle control box the trim died. I can only trimmed the motor at the actual motor. It feels like a lose connection and I suspect wiring inside the control box are corroded. I took out a few screws from the control box and already can see some salt deposits. Unfortunately even with spray of WD40 the other screws wouldn't give up and I did not want to force it incase I rounded the threads. Anyone got any ideas where I should start investigate the problem? I will try to attempt to open the control box when I get a chance on this Friday and hopefully it is just a simple corroded wiring that need replacing.